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One of the most unfortunate facts of life is that we all tend to get old. Some of us age slower than others, some of us age at a seemingly accelerated rate. There is no way for us to stop our inevitable expiration, but there is, fortunately, a way to stop the aesthetic changes that manifest themselves in our skin. This is perhaps the most control we will ever have over the situation until such time as someone manages to find the fountain of youth. Let’ explore a few reasons for which you would want o seek out the best face lift Miami.

Over time there are certain thing that happen to the skin as a matter of course. The most common of thee, as you probably know by this point, is wrinkling and it is caused by several different outside factors. For example, the more common cause of wrinkling is exposure to UV rays, otherwise known as sunlight. Other factors of course will include stress, and of course the constant frowning or smiling that you do on a regular basis. The damage, once done, is very difficult to get rid of, but it does not have to be permanent by any means. In fact, there are many products on the market dedicated to helping you get rid of that damage. The problem with these products is that they are either temporary, or they simply work to conceal the damage rather than completely eliminating it. As of right now, you still need the best face lift Miami to truly rid yourself of those wrinkles.

best face lift Miami

What is an Affordable Face lift in Miami?

In terms of plastic surgery, the face lift is actually the most common procedure performed, and with good reason. It is generally known as a surgical facial rejuvenation procedure, and the idea is to stretch the skin during surgery in such a way that the appearance of wrinkles will be removed or at least significantly reduced. There are a few different types of facelift for any potential patient to consider which are:

SMAS – This, of course is an acronym standing for Superficial Musculo Aponerurotic System, which are layers encasing cheek fat. Re-securing the SMAS layer will obviously rejuvenate the face, counter aging, and defeat laxity.

Deep Plane – This facelift method was designed to defeat the deepening of the nasolabial fold, and there is a risk of damaging facial nerves. The more popular alternative to the deep plane, is the composite facelift.

Composite Facelift —  This procedure is not unlike the deep plane in that it touches on a deeper layer of tissue. The biggest difference however is extra repositioning of the orbicularis oculi muscle.

Mid-Facelift—The idea behind this type of face lift is to make the female face look more masculine by flattening certain areas. In addition to that it can help to correct the sagging of the neck, and generally provide a younger appearance. This type of face lift is suggested for an individual in their mid-forties.

These are a few different types of facelifts that you will encounter, and the general idea behind all of them is to recover youth, beauty, and even personality. The face has quite a bit to do with who we are, and sometimes the appearance of aging comes on long before we actually feel old. This has been a serious problem for centuries and it is often attributed to the loss of collagen and fat in the face. There are of course several ‘remedies’ on the market, but any good face lifts doctor Miami will likely tell you that these so called remedies are nothing more than a joke to be ignored, and they would be right. Plastic surgery is a much better option and will certainly yield better results.

Surgery – Just for You

Many people are seeking an affordable face lift Miami, but as you have probably realized by now, every single person is different, and as such will require a different type of treatment. Your anatomic features will be taken into account by the doctors at, and a procedure will be devised. Depending on the severity of your condition a standard or short scar procedure might be performed. In addition to that, the neck  muscles may be tightened to restore the jaw line. This, is only the beginning, and if you visit website you will learn a great deal more about the procedure you are about to undergo.

Facelifts and Downtime

One of the most common questions patients tend to ask, is ‘how long will this take’. It is understood that many patients have busy schedules, and taking time off from work is usually not an option. Fortunately, these procedures usually require that you only be kept overnight, and the  ultimate recovery time depends on the operation. For example, for a mini-facelift you might be recovering for as short as one week, but for the more extensive surgical procedures it can be somewhere in the range of three weeks. It all depends on the severity and your ability to heal.

The bottom line, is that you don’t have to suffer in silence as the aging process takes over your body. You CAN and WILL overcome it. Face lifts have come quite a ways in the past hundred years, from their meager beginnings as simply skin stretching to the muscle manipulation of today. Speak with your physician as soon as possible and discover what your options are. You might be surprised at just how much of a difference that the best face lift Miami can make in your life. After all, it IS your life and you deserve to live it! Never forget that, and never give up.


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