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There are many reasons why people have chosen to name us the facility to go to when looking for plastic surgery. Our staff is always energetic, friendly, and ready to help you with travel plans when coming from far away. They also provide unparalleled concierge-style patient care.

One of the best things about The Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami is the foundation it was built upon. The foundation being its patients. When the surgeons developed the institute they had not only you, but your safety, health, and end results in mind. They didn’t want big businessmen or investors interfering in any way with their patients. They knew how they wanted their facility to be run so they are running it themselves.

Along with owning the business they operate in, the doctors here are Board Certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery. They had to go through the best training and toughest certification process to get where they are now and they are performing above and beyond. With the thousands of surgeries they have performed, they are also specialized in certain fields so they make sure your end results are nothing but the best.

Along with plastic surgery that makes people look and feel better with surgeries like face lifts, neck lifts, tummy tucks, and breast augmentations, there is the best gastric band Miami doctors located in our facility. They are dedicated to making you look and feel better while keeping you healthy and safe in every way, shape and form. They will guide you through every step of the way to make sure you do everything right and keep yourself out of harm’s way. After performing the surgery thousands of times, you will be in the best and safest hands in the area.

gastric band Miami doctors

Most Reliable Gastric Band Miami Has to Offer

It is unfortunate that obesity is running wild throughout the United States. Many people try turning to diets, exercise, and even diet pills to try to lose the weight. Sometimes, however, it just isn’t enough. At our facility, we offer the most reliable gastric band Miami has to offer through gastric bypass surgery. This helps individuals lose the amount of weight they need and want.

The gastric band in itself does not lose the weight for you. After the surgery you will look exactly the same. The surgeons will instruct you on what to do to lose the weight and what is going to be happening to your body now that you have the band. One thing about having the band, is you’ll notice that you will drop the weight quickly.

In the surgery, the doctor will make small incisions in the belly so they can put an adjustable silicon band around the top part of your stomach. Once it has been placed, it will be roughly one inch in diameter. This means that it will only hold about one ounce of food. The band can be tightened or removed from the outside without further invasive surgeries which is very fortunate for you. To tighten the band, for example, all you will need is an injection of saline.

Assuming that the individual with the band is about 200 pounds overweight, they should expect to lose roughly around 80 pounds. This means that they will lose about 40% of their weight just by eating less. If they were to exercise, they could expect to lose a lot more.

The band doesn’t work the same with everyone and your mileage will greatly affect the outcome. This procedure, however, is a great way to lose weight if you believe to be at a very unhealthy one. With any surgery comes side effects and there are some you should be aware of when you get the band in place. As any good doctor would, our highly trained surgeons will go over all of the risks and side effects before they perform the surgery so you know what you are getting into.

The first side effect you may experience is nausea and vomiting. With a simple loosening of the band, the problem can be fixed. There also might be infections or minor bleeding but with any minor complication comes an easy fix you shouldn’t be too worried about. Whereas gastric bypass can interfere with food absorption, banding does not. Therefore, you will not have to worry about any vitamin deficiencies that often come with the bypass surgery.

It is important to know that there is a very slight risk of death after the procedure but it is normally due to other complications. Only about one in two thousand people die however so you have a very very high chance of living and should continue on with the surgery if you are really wanting to lose unnecessary weight.

After the surgery it is mainly up to you to lose the weight and keep it off. Yes, the band does help, but if you are going to ignore you, you might not lose the weight and you could possibly make yourself sick. If you truly are wanting a better life and to change, then you will make the right decision. Although it isn’t the most expensive surgery, also remember that you put money into making yourself look better. Don’t waste the money you invested in your surgery to lose weight by gaining it back. Eat better, eat less and exercise. Don’t give up if times get tough. After you leave our facility, the rest is up to you.

With all of our certified doctors, you will receive the best care. You will be guided through the entire press with friendly staff and be treated as an equal. Your health and safety will be in the hands of some of the most talented doctors in the area. Having performed thousands of surgeries and procedures like yours, they not only know what they are doing, but are confident in what they are doing and will give you the best results possible.


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