Choosing a Prospective Brazilian Butt Lift Doctor in Miami

People choose to undergo the various types of butt lift surgery for a number of reasons. Some may not be happy with the size or shape of their backside, or if they have lost a lot of weight, they may have sagging skin they feel is unattractive. Whatever the reason, either traditional butt lift surgery or a Brazilian butt lift procedure can enhance their figures and give these people more confidence. In this article, we are going to talk about the Brazilian butt lift and what you should know when choosing your prospective Brazilian butt lift doctor in Miami.

Brazilian Butt Lifts Miami-Style

Brazilian Butt Lifts in Miami are becoming increasingly popular as of late. This is because the procedure only requires a couple of small incisions, but the results are substantial. Patients get a perkier-looking, younger-appearing rear end with little discomfort or downtime. This means patients can be back on the beach sporting a fabulous new backside that looks outstanding in a bikini in no time.

During the Brazilian butt lift surgery, a Brazilian butt lift specialist in Miami uses liposuction to contour your body. The cosmetic surgeon removes fat cells from parts of the body where they are not wanted and transfers them by injection to the buttocks area. The thighs and abdomen are the most common harvest areas.

It is important to note that Miami Brazilian butt lifts do not address saggy skin. If sagging skin is present, this needs to be addressed with a traditional butt lift before a Brazilian butt lift for the best results.

Brazilian Butt Lift Doctors in Miami

Wading Through the Sea of Brazilian Butt Lift Doctors in Miami

Butt lift surgery is a complicated and personal journey, so it is important that patients find a surgeon they trust and are comfortable with. Brazilian Butt Lift Doctors in Miami are abundant, but doing some research and asking the right questions can help narrow the list. Not only should the doctor be experienced in the procedure itself, but he or she should listen carefully and put the patient at ease.

Here are a few things patients should consider when looking for prospective Brazilian butt lift doctors in Miami.

  • Begin with friends and family. If anyone you know has had a the same procedure, ask for their opinions and referrals. Word of mouth is often the best way to get the real facts.
  • Ask your doctors. Talk to other doctors you trust for their recommendations on a plastic surgeon. Many medical professionals run in the same circles or at least have knowledge of the other professionals around them. You can get some good advice from a doctor you trust.
  • Turn to the Internet for reviews. Let your fingers do the walking all around various review sites. If a surgeon is good, chances are his previous patients are raving about his work online. Keep in mind, however, that often times, people don’t tend to review something or someone unless they’ve had a bad experience, so take these reviews with a grain of salt.
  • Find a list of accredited surgeons in your area.

Interviewing Cosmetic Surgeons for the Procedure

Once you have gathered all the information you can from friends, family and the internet, and you have narrowed your list down to a few select doctors, you can conduct an interview of each one to make the final decision for yourself. Call, email or make an appointment to speak directly with the doctor so you can gauge his personality and get answers to your questions. Make a list of things you want to know, such as:

  • Are you board certified?
  • Are you a member of any professional groups?
  • What types of butt lifts in Miami do you specialize in?
  • Do you specialize in any other types of plastic surgery besides butt lifts?
  • How many Brazilian butt lifts have you performed?
  • Do you offer alternatives to butt lift surgery?
  • What risks are involved in butt lift surgery?
  • What is your success rate with butt lift surgery?
  • Do you have “before” and “after” photos I can look at?
  • What makes a good candidate for the Brazilian butt lift?
  • How many years have you been in practice?
  • Do you offer follow-up care?
  • Do you offer affordable Brazilian butt lifts in Miami?
  • What payment and insurance options do you offer?

The above questions are several you should include when you talk to prospective doctors. If you have any others, be sure to include them in your list so you are completely comfortable with your choice of doctors.

There’s no doubt that Brazilian butt lifts in Miami can enhance your figure and give you more confidence. Finding the right cosmetic surgeon to perform the procedure is the number one priority, and understanding the procedure and everything it entails will help you feel more comfortable before, during and after the procedure. Don’t be afraid to ask questions… Remember, there are no stupid questions when it comes to your health and well-being.

If you are thinking of having butt lift surgery, and you live in the Miami area, contact the Plastic Surgery Institute or visit for more information. PSIMiami is your leading source for all types of plastic surgery procedures. Our board certified plastic surgeons have years of experience in many cosmetic surgery areas, and we’re on call to help you achieve the body you desire and deserve. Let us help you learn more about Miami Brazilian butt lifts today.

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