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Tummy Tuck in MiamiNowadays both women and men consider getting a tummy tuck done.  Those who might be considering this option need to carefully weigh all of the benefits as well as the risks that this type of cosmetic surgery entails before a final decision is made.  Each person will have their own unique circumstances that will make this type of procedure one that is a risky endeavor or one that will be a viable option.

The tummy tuck – or abdominoplasty – is a body contouring procedure that has become quite popular.  Over the past few years, techniques for this procedure have been refined in order to offer patients more options for treatment.  A Miami tummy tuck can offer patients such benefits as a stomach that is firmer and flatter when a healthy diet coupled with abdominal exercises have not been successful.

When a patient’s abdomen is evaluated for a tummy tuck, there are 3 main things that our board certified doctors will take into consideration.

  1. How much fat is present
  2. How tight are the muscles of the stomach
  3. What is the quality of the skin?  Is it thick, thin, tight, loose, etc?

When a patient has excess fat in the tummy area as well as loose skin and tummy muscles that are lax, many times, the best option will be a tummy tuck.  This is a procedure that removes the extra fat and skin from the lower and middle abdomen while it also tightens the muscles that are located in the abdominal wall.  This is a procedure that is especially helpful for those women who have stretched the abdominal muscles as well as their skin to the point where it is not able to return to normal – typically through pregnancy.

Other people who will benefit from the best tummy tuck in Miami are men and women who might be in good shape and yet are still concerned about loose skin or a large deposit of fat in the area of the abdomen – especially when it can’t be controlled with normal exercise and diet methods.  This is also beneficial for those who may have a significant loss of the elasticity of their skin due to a massive loss of weight.  After the great tummy tuck doctors in Miami (like Dr. Jason I. Altman) get finished with patients, those patients will have abdominal areas that are noticeably firmer and flatter – which means that the patient looks both healthier and slimmer.

A Few Causes of the Belly Pooch

Many of us try to achieve that well-toned, flat abdomen by controlling our weight and by exercising.  These methods will not always allow for us to achieve our goals though.  Even people who have a normal proportion and body weight can develop a sagging and loose or protruding abdomen.  Some of the more frequently seen causes of this include things like:

  • Massive weight fluctuations
  • Prior surgeries
  • Pregnancy
  • Heredity
  • Aging

Things a Tummy Tuck in Miami Won’t Do

Even the best tummy tuck doctor in Miami will not be able to make a tummy tuck substitute for a normal exercise and diet regimen.  Even though the results of this type of procedure tend to be permanent, this type of positive outcome is still able to be greatly diminished by any type of significant weight fluctuations.  It is because of this that people who plan to lose a significant amount of weight or women who might not be finished having children might want to postpone this procedure.

Also, no matter how good your board certified tummy tuck specialist in Miami is, a tummy tuck will not be able to correct stretch marks.  That being said, they might be somewhat improved or even removed if they happen to be located on the skin that will be cut off during the procedure.

Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

There are actually quite a few benefits of having a tummy tuck – as Dr. Marcelo Ghersi will be happy to tell you.  These can include things like:

  • Removing the belly fat cells in order to keep the internal organs properly functioning while not adding any sore to fatty acids, pressure and toxins.
  • Results that can be lasting as long as the patient continues to make healthy decision regarding diet and exercise.
  • A natural increase in self confidence that is inherent with an abdominal shape that has been enhanced.
  • Creation of a waist that is narrower and a contoured abdomen that is tighter and flatter.  This procedure is very helpful for those women who have had changes in there stomach muscles due to pregnancy or for people who may have sagging or drooping skin as a result of weight loss, pregnancy or aging.
  • The removal of extra skin that results from significant loss of weight.  Aside from being unsightly, these large folds of skin can also lead to the patient getting fungal infections.
  • When skin is removed where there are stretch marks, so are the stretch marks.

Affordable tummy tucks in Miami should only ever be used as somewhat of a last resort for those who want to eliminate the excess skin and fat on their abdomens.  This is not to be considered as a solution for weight loss.  In some cases, this is actually a procedure that is necessary in order to assist a person who has had a severe loss of weight to have a better quality of life.


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