Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) Doctors in Miami

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When you choose our practice as your choice of Brazilian Butt Lift doctors in Miami, you will not be disappointed. Our doctors, Jason I. Altman and Marcelo Ghersi, are all Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This means that they have had the best training and had to go through the most difficult task of obtaining their certification through a rigorous process.

When you walk in to our state-of-the-art, fully accredited clinical and surgical facility, our staff will be ready for you. They will see that you are happy and comfortable while you are with us. You are our number one goal and have been since the day we began our practice. Your health, safety, and results are in good hands.

Brazilian Butt Lift Doctors in Miami

Miami Brazilian Butt Lifts

People come into our practice wanting to feel better about their bodies and we can do that for them. Women want to look sexier and fill out their favorite outfits. We can make it happen. Buttocks come in all shapes and sizes and as you age and fluctuate in weight, your behind will change. We can make the usual flat and deflated look come back to life with implants or fat grafts.

For fat grafting, fat will be taken from your abdominal, flank, and back areas then injected into your buttock to give it a fuller and rounder appearance. When it comes to fat grafting, you will need to have the fat available on your body. If you don’t you will have to gain weight or opt for implants. You can’t use someone else’s fat. Your body will reject it and it can cause health problems. The big benefit of using your own fat is that with the liposculpture of your back area, it will give your buttock a lifted and curvy appearance.

For Miami Brazilian Butt Lifts, the procedure will last around 2 hours whether you are using the fat grafting technique or the implants. The doctors will use general anesthesia for the surgery. Recovery time is usually one to two weeks depending on the extent of the surgery.

Of course there are many plastic surgeons out there that can do this procedure, but our surgeons have performed hundreds of buttock enhancement procedures. They have trained with the top buttock enhancement surgeons in the United States and South America and mastered the techniques in the process.

More than Butt Lifts Miami

Each of our doctors has a specific expertise tailored to getting you the best possible results. This means that we offer more than just butt lifts Miami.


Our face is the one thing that people notice. At a quick glance they can see our beauty and our personality. Unfortunately, people will also start to see our again too soon in our face as well. The factors that influence the extent and degree of our tissue age are genetic, environment, and metabolic. The loss of collagen and fat in our skin causes it to thin and wrinkle which is the cause of aging in the face. If you live somewhere where there is a lot of sun, make sure to limit your exposure because the sun will speed up your skin’s aging process.

If you receive a standard, well-done, facelift, you should continue to see your results for up to 15 years. During that time, the natural aging process will have caught up with your rejuvenation procedure. Once this happens you could see the reappearance of jowls, marionette line formation, deep wrinkles and skin laxity. You will be able to go in for a second and even third facelift if you want to or have the ability to do so.



Botox Injections

If facelifts aren’t for you, or you aren’t aging enough in the face that a facelift would be necessary, Botox injections may be a better choice. When injected into the muscle, the passage between the nerve and the muscle if blocked which means the muscle can no longer contract. This will cause wrinkles to soften and go away. Botox helps crow’s feet, frown lines, and the lines in your forehead.

Breast Augmentations/Implants

When women come to our practice and want to get implants, the normal complaint, or reason why, is that their breasts are proportional to the rest of their body. With a breast augmentation, the size, shape, and projection of the breast will change. Breast implants come in many shapes and sizes and are filled with either saline (salt water) or silicone.

Women want to feel good about their bodies. They want to be able to fill out their favorite bikini or dress or even have more cleavage to feel sexier and more confident. We are here to help. The procedure only lasts about an hour under general anesthesia. The incision made on each breast is very small and is usually less than an inch. The incision can be hidden in a number of places on the breast. Recovery time is only about a few days and patients can get back to their lives in about a week.

The Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami is owned by its doctors. This means that no investors or other businesses get to make any decisions when it comes to your health and safety. Our doctors have everything in their hands and will take care of you every step of the way.

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