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Making the decision to get a facelift is a big deal, but now that the decision has been made you have a few more things you need to decide on. With the help of the best face lift doctors in Miami you will choose the most effective facelift technique for you.

We know that even though you have taken good care of yourself including how you’ve maintained your skin over the years, you’ve reached an age – somewhere over 40 – where changes have become noticeable. There are fine lines and coarse-looking wrinkles, loosening of the skin around your neck and lower on your face and, most unfortunately, your jawline has loss definition causing jowls to form. That’s why you’ve taken action

Facelift or rhytidectomy is a cosmetic technique that’s used to help women and men achieve a more youthful appearance. Over the years several different facelift procedures have been developed which makes it easy, so to speak, for you and your doctor to decide on the correct one.

face lifts in Miami

Explanation of face lifts in Miami

The reason there different variations of facelifts is because each has a different degree of invasiveness. There is the superficial musculoponeurotic system lift – often referred to as the SMAS facelift, the deep plane facelift, the less invasive short scar facelift and the endoscopic facelift. With each facelift you will receive local anesthesia, general anesthesia or conscious sedation, which means although your face will be numb you will still be partially awake.

Based on your anatomic features and particular needs, the ideal facial reconstructive doctor will plan and execute a procedure that is especially formed for your circumstances and aesthetic objectives. Depending on the extent of skin laxity and loss of elasticity determines what procedure is best. If cost is something which is concerning to you, there are many options available to you. If you are over the age of 62, visiting a website like can help you unlock home equity while eliminating your mortgage. Let’s get into a little more detail:

  • Superficial Musculoponeurotic System lift – This is the most common procedure among facelifts and it involves the adjustment of sagging cheeks. It is called “superficial” because the muscles affected are considered superficial. The procedure involves smoothing of the face and tightening the tissues in that area that have begun to sag because of the natural process of aging.
  • Deep Plane facelift – Commonly known as Rhytidectomy is a deeper procedure than the SMAS. It involves the skin and muscle being reshaped and an incision is made near the hairline to separate the skin from underlying tissue. This procedure may also involve the placement of suspension devices to hold the tissue in place until healing has occurred. This is an in-office, same-day procedure that’s done under general anesthesia.
  • Short Scar facelift – The purpose of a short scar facelift is to reduce scarring, having a shorter recovery time and eliminating a possibly overstretched look. The difference between this procedure and a full facelift is that it doesn’t correct the lower half of the face such as loose and sagging skin under the chin and around the neck. It’s touted as having a great rejuvenating effect for the eyes, cheeks, laugh/smile lines and the jowls. It takes about two hours and is performed while you’re under general anesthesia.
  • Endoscopic facelift – This is also a less invasive surgery that involves fewer risks and a shorter recovery period. Also considered the “scar less” facelift, it is done with few and smaller (less than 1”) incisions that are placed behind the ear or above the hairline. The reason to choose this method is if there are just small areas that need attention as opposed to an entire facelift.

Choosing the right face lift doctors in Miami

Face Lift Surgeon in Miami

Our face lift specialists in Miami – our plastic surgeons – have particular proficiencies in the facial aesthetic surgical field with additional training in facial, rejuvenation surgery and the backing of thousands of facial procedures performed. They are board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery* and their experiences mixed with education, certification and well-developed artistic skills, makes our surgeons experts of facial aesthetic surgery. Those are the kind of credentials you want behind a surgeon who is taking your face in their hands and reconstructing it.

(*The American Board of Plastic Surgery has been a secondary organization of the American Board of Surgery since 1938 and was given the status of a foremost specialty board a few years later. It is the certifying body for Plastic and Reconstructive surgery that’s recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties.)

You’ll be glad you chose Miami face lifts because, in addition to their credentials, they have achieved the ability through much practice to create natural, rejuvenated looks while avoiding the over stretched and pulled look – sometimes called wind tunnel effect. Their goal is to achieve the look you desire with minimal scars and down time. The positive results they have received thus far are well documented in reviews and testimonials which tout constant and fabulous results. That’s good because you should expect no less from surgeons who perform the best face lifts in Miami.

Are you ready to proceed with your Miami face lift?

Now that you have most of the information at your disposal to make an informed decision you are ready to get in touch with a facelift specialty doctor in Miami to discuss the options in further detail. You can use the information you’ve read here to have specifically focused questions prepared and get the answers you’re looking for. As an end result, you will feel even more comfortable with your decision to choose a face lift. Don’t wait a minute longer to get in touch with The Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami and schedule your consultation today.

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