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As perfectionists, we spend hundreds of dollars a year on beauty products and treatments, potions and pills, all designed to make you look beautiful. A substantial niche of the beauty market is focused on helping people look younger and this is because it is a common conception that you looked a lot more beautiful when you were in your 20’s. Before time, stress and the choice in lifestyle take a toll on your skin and overall looks, getting a facelift is an ideal choice to look younger and prettier. There are ample moisturisers in the market that promise you a wrinkle free skin, serums that claim to make your skin supple, and make up that, of course, covers layers of skin. But how many of these beauty mantras actually work? There is a certain pressure from society and of course by looking at celebrities in fashion who are years older than use but look years younger.

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Though we forget that we don’t get paid to look pretty, we are not constantly surrounded by stylists or beauticians and we do not get Botox injections regularly. We try our best to counteract these pressures, but the stress puts more wrinkles on our forehead. This is where getting a facelift comes into play. You can get the best and the most affordable facelift in Miami at The Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami.  The best facelift in Miami can help tighten the skin around your face, or correct the sagging second chin on your neck that make you look and feel older. The extra skin and fat is removed during the procedure to give you tighter and younger looking skin with a shapely bone structure. This will give you a more pronounced and fresher looking face.

Here are five reasons you should go ahead with that facelift you wanted to undergo:

  • Improve muscle tone & skin elasticity: Often with age you feel your skin is saggy because it loses its elasticity with time and your muscles feel loose which further makes you look and feel bad. A facelift is ideal in such a case because it will tighten the skin hence improving the elasticity and muscle tone, hence giving you a younger look.
  • Deep creases around the nose or mouth: With age one gets deep creases and jowls around the nose and mouth which give your skin an old look. Facelifts improve the overall elasticity of your skin and remove these creases or jowls to give you a firmer looking face.
  • Wrinkles on the face: Wrinkles are a common problem, especially under the eye, on the face and the neck. Using wrinkle-free creams or anti-aging cream does not yield the desired results. Facelifts tighten the skin to rid you of those wrinkles and your skin looks ten years younger.
  • Old and tired appearance: Saggy, loose or wrinkly skin makes one appear old and tired. This appearance makes you feel bad and affects you self-confidence and self-esteem because you don’t look or feel beautiful. Facelifts give you firm, younger-looking toned skin.
  • Saggy neck and chin: Loose skin gives a saggy neck and a better chin which makes you look and feel old. Facelifts help you get rid of the saggy skin and give you a more firm looking neck and chin.

best facelift in Miami

Types of rhytidectomy procedures done by facelift doctors in Miami

Depending on your face type and the areas needing improvement, your doctor will suggest you with the appropriate procedure of a facelift. It can be any of the three types:

  • Standard facelift: This is a full facelift and it removes all the sagging skin and noticeable creases from your face. This is a more aggressive approach and yields better results, but there is the concern of removing excess skin to tighten connecting muscles and tissues in the face and the neck; and also to lift or reposition the skin for a firmer look. The surgeon begins with an under the chin small incision to remove excess fatty tissue and usually the muscles around the neck are toned down.
  • Mini facelift: As the name suggests there is a mild loss of skin and muscle tone in this procedure and it is ideal to deal with minimal wrinkles or saggy skin. This procedure helps tighten the skin, but it includes very little or no neck work, hence the name – mini facelift. This technique has a short recovery period. This procedure is more appropriate for younger candidates with average skin elasticity.
  • Short scar facelift: It is a variation of a mini facelift and it is appropriate for moderate or mild skin laxity and with few creases present on the skin. This procedure focuses on only the face, not the neck, and it repositions the skin vertically not to the back. It does leave a few scars.

Finding the best facelift doctors in Miami at PSI Miami

Plastic Surgery Institute Miami has some of the top-rated facelift specialty doctors in Miami. A specialist must be consulted once you have arrived at the decision of having a facelift done. The doctors at PSI Miami help each patient to achieve their ideal appearance by using different techniques to meet individual needs of the patient. The use of several types of anti-inflammatory medications during and after surgery recommendations can help ease pain, and the patient does require a few days for recovery in order to resume normal activities.

Here at Primary Surgery Institute (PSI Miami) recommend all our patients to thoroughly understand the process and discuss with the best facelift specialists in Miami. Offering the most affordable facelift in Miami with the support of the alliance we have with financing companies. Our specialists will help you find the best financial option that works within your budget and at the same time we will provide the procedure that is the most effective and affordable in Miami.



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