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Have you ever considered having an affordable face lift Miami performed? Perhaps you’ve heard of the procedure but you’re not entirely sure what it is. Maybe you have some idea, but you’d like a few more details. The first thing that we would like to assure you of is that a facelift is an absolutely safe procedure that can help you to gain the youthful appearance that you want. For centuries, man has searched for the fountain of youth, and while we have yet to find it, we are finally able to reduce the signs of aging and keep that youthful appearance on your face for many years to come.

Understanding the Facelift

First of all, just as you suspected, this IS a surgical procedure, and it is often referred to as a rhytidectmy. In this type of surgery, the lower third of your face is reshaped through the removal of excess skin. In addition to that there are some forms of this surgery that will be accomplished through removal of underlying tissue. Performed often on both men and women, facelifts are not a new thing, contrary to popular belief. The first one, was performed in 1901 by a German surgeon.

How do you Know when you need a Facelift?

Let’s face it (all the pun intended), finding a face lift specialty doctor in Miami is a significant move, and making the decision to have one? Well that’s pretty heavy, to say the least. That being said, you need to make sure that you actually need a facelift before you commit to one. Let’s talk about the warning signs and what they mean.

Understanding Elastin and Collagen

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Collagen and Elastin are two unseen but still very important components in your skin. Collagen holds your skin together at the cellular level while elastin is charged with the duty of ensuring that your skin returns to its normal shape once it is pulled or twisted. Do you want to see elastin in action? Pull your skin back and release it. See the way it returned to its normal shape? Without elastin, that would not be possible. Over time, and with exposure to the sun’s harmful UV rays, elastin and collagen become scarce, which ultimately leads to the sagging of the skin.

There are a few myths regarding these substances that the best face lift doctors in Miami would be glad to clear up for you at your consultation, but the primary myth, and perhaps the most disturbing, is that collagen can be re-absorbed through the skin. This belief has fueled the sale of cosmetic products that claim to contain collagen, and the simple truth is that collagen is actually too large to be absorbed through your pores. Restoring collagen is much more difficult than that, and certainly not the job of a facelift.

Surgical Techniques

In a facelift today there are several new methods for getting the job done, and there are three that we would like to specifically mention:

Laser Facelift Procedure:  If it sounds futuristic, that’s because we’re living in the future, so to speak. This procedure only requires a local anesthetic, and  can be performed through a one inch incision. It is certainly one of the least invasive face lift procedures.

Endoscopy: With this method, fewer incisions are made, meaning there is less trauma to the underlying tissues. What does that mean? It translates to a faster recovery time, and there is no need to cut away entire folds of skin during the procedure. Of course the ability to perform a facelift using this method is dependent upon the patient, meaning it is done on a case by case basis.

Liposuction: This is obviously one that you have already heard of, and t is often used in between the chin and the neck. It can be easily performed in conjunction with a facelift, though many prefer to do it separately.

So how do you know when a facelift actually becomes a necessity? It would, of course, serve you well to speak with a face lift specialist Miami to determine the actual need, but typically you can look in the mirror and decide whether or not you like what you see. If you don’t, then you absolutely have the right to make sure you enjoy the reflection staring back at you. Is your skin sagging? Have you noticed the appearance of new age lines? All of these things are a great reason to seek out an affordable face lift in Miami.

The best part is that with the advanced surgical methods available to patients today, it is now much easier to have the surgery performed and then return to work within a matter of days. Most people associate the concept of surgery with long recovery times, but that doesn’t have to be the case here. Now would be a great time to take a look at our services and see just what we can do for you. Knowing when you need to get that facial surgery can be difficult, but we can take some of the mystery out of it for you.

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