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It is a common question asked by any person who is going through a cosmetic surgery. You need to make sure you take time off from work for your recovery and consult with your plastic surgeon in Miami. It is very important to make sure you complete your recovery time. There are some things you will need to keep in mind when taking time off for recovery after your plastic surgery procedure. If your job requires a lot of physical activity, then you will need more time off. It is always recommended that you take more time off for your recovery than expected.

It is always great to be back to your routine earlier than scheduled and you will avoid the stress of worrying about meeting your schedule. Social down time is a big concern for people who go through facial plastic surgery. For people that do not want others to notice or for people who bruise easily, it is necessary that they plan for longer time off.

Following are the recommendation by the best cosmetic surgeon in Miami for the recovery time after different plastic surgeries.

  • Breast Augmentation – 1 week
  • Eyelid Surgery- 2 weeks
  • Facelift- 2 weeks
  • Brow Lift- 1-2 weeks
  • Body Lift 3-4 weeks
  • Mommy Makeover- 3-4 weeks
  • Tummy Tuck- 3-4 weeks
  • Gynecomastia (Male Chest Reduction)- 1 week
  • Liposuction- 1 week
  • Brachioplasty (Arm Lift)- 1 week
  • Breast Reduction- 1 week
  • Breast Lift- 1 week

When preparing for recovery it is very important that you keep yourself positive and surround yourself by loved ones. People may not know this but stress which is caused by worrying can slow down your recovery process as it has an effect on your body. Plastic surgeons in Miami make sure that your recovery is their primary objective. The surgical experience is more of a partnership and there are many things you can do to make sure to get the best results with a speedy recovery.

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4 Important Medical Steps Given by Plastic Surgeon’s in Miami for Healing after Surgery

It is very important to follow the guild lines given by your cosmetic surgeon in Miami for a prompt and easy recovery although the plastic surgery procedures are elective. People can get complications like increased swelling, infections and incisions re-opening, if they do not follow the doctor’s instructions and properly take care of themselves. It is also important that you prepare yourself on how you will look and feel during the time of your recovery. After leaving the operation room the most important thing is to know the healing process will work, that is necessary for achieving the desired results.

Step 1 – It is important that you know what to expect during your recovery. Plastic surgeries take up to months and some may only take a few days. Do consult your Plastic surgeon in Miami to know what you need to expect during the time of your recovery. It makes a huge impact on your life as you may not be able to go to work or go out with loved ones. So it is important that you are prepared for this.

Step 2 – Follow the recovery plan given by your cosmetic surgeon in Miami. It is essential for your recovery that you follow the given instructions:

  • Take all the medications given to you by your doctor that will control the swelling and pain, also to promote healing.
  • In some initial healing processes it is required to drain excess fluid by inserting drains (tubes), like after the cosmetic surgery to the breasts. It is necessary to carefully follow the instructions given by your Plastic surgeon in Miami.
  • The affected area will need to be iced.
  • You can elevate the affected area to reduce swelling.
  • During the healing process it is important that you avoid exposure to sunlight.
  • Make sure you go to all the follow up appointments with your cosmetic surgeon in Miami. It is important to make sure there are no infections or complications and also ensures optimum wound healing. It is always best to have a professional opinion of your doctor and have them follow up on your recovery. If in case you do have any issues with healing, it will be dealt with immediately.

Step 3 – Tell you doctor about any supplements or ongoing medications that you are using. These can affect your healing process, like aspirin and blood thinners can actual increase swelling and bleeding. Similarly home remedies can also affect your healing process. Your doctor can determine if the medications, home remedies or supplements you are using can affect the healing process and let you know right away.

Step 4 – Allow your body the time to recover and be cautious. Getting back to your routine before you have fully recovered can cause complications. The healing process is also slowed if you over exert yourself. Until your doctor tells you, do not exercise as it can cause bleeding or swelling and exercising too soon during your recovery can prolong the healing process. Keep in mind that the healing time of plastic surgery can vary from each person and procedure so do not get upset if the swelling takes longer than a week or if you are bruised. Do learn as much as possible regarding the healing process from your doctor.

There are other strategies that you can follow for healing as well, but do make sure you consult your doctor.

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