Get Ready for Summer with Brazilian Butt Lifts in Miami!

Summer’s coming, and you’re looking great in that bikini! You’ve lost the holiday poundage you promised to lose, you’ve been sticking to your New Year’s resolution, and you look and feel great! Well, except for one thing. Your butt. It’s there, but it’s flabby, or flat, or just not sexy. Nothing like what the rest of you looks like. While you may think that you’ve just got to live with it, there are plenty of options out there to get the body you’re looking for. Get ready for summer with Brazilian butt lifts in Miami, right here at Plastic Surgery Institute!

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian butt lift comes with many different names. There’s buttock augmentation, buttock enhancement, and gluteoplasty, and they all mean the same thing. They all make your butt look great! A Brazilian butt lift is usually done by adding in fat or implants to your buttocks to create a more round and full look. It can involve adding implants such as silicone pads, or it can involve taking fat from elsewhere in your body and grafting it into your buttocks. Either of these are valid applications, and usually are chosen by the patient for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons. Most of the time it does not matter which type of implant you are given, as long as it fits you well!

Brazilian butt lifts Miami

Why Should You Get a New Butt?

Whether you’ve noticed it for one year or ten, a flat or saggy rear end is nothing to smile at. Many people find that their confidence suffers when they remind themselves of the problem, and others just can’t find jeans that fit. Sometimes it’s impossible to look good in a tight dress, while other times people will refuse to go out in a swimsuit. No matter what, the result is the same. A flat butt flattens spirits, and can make your night of fun end sooner than it should.

Considering a Brazilian butt lift could change your life for the better. Finding the right doctor for the job, and choosing the best Brazilian butt lift in Miami can change you from flat to fabulous, and from miserable to loud and proud! All it takes is a few calls to some of our best doctors, and you can get yourself a consultation at one of the most affordable Brazilian butt lift services in Miami.

Why Come to Plastic Surgery Institute in Miami?

When there are so many other doctors to choose from, why come to the Institute? What makes us so special?

For one thing, all of our surgeons have performed hundreds of buttock enhancements, with all different types of augmentations. They have a long and outstanding record of successful surgeries, and readily provide their credentials, as well as before/after photos. All of our doctors are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and have been working in their fields for years. They communicate with each other to provide the best care they can for you, and help provide each other with second opinions as to your best treatment.

The Institute itself is dedicated to making your butt lift an affordable dream. No other business focuses as much on its patients as we do, and we do everything possible to help you achieve your dream. We offer financing options for everyone, and will consult with you at length to find out exactly what it is you want from this surgery. Don’t be shy; ask us questions! We want to know exactly what it is you want, so that we can give that to you, all at a price you can afford.

We’re also not just a local business: we handle patients from everywhere! People from all over the country have come to Miami just to see us, and we’ve treated them with the same respect and consideration as we do everyone. Our receptionists will work with you to help schedule your consultation according to your travel times, and will help you arrange your trip if needed. That’s right, we can help you find accommodations after your surgery as well as figuring out your travel to and from home. We can even help you by providing a nurse or aide after a particularly extensive surgery, just to get you well on the road to recovery before you leave us!

Finally, we know the importance of a natural look. No one wants to walk out of our office looking like a caricature, and we pride ourselves on helping you change your looks in a natural and lifelong way. Our focus is on extensive consultations to explain our plan and incorporate your needs, minimally invasive surgery, and minimal scarring to heal. Living in South Florida, we know that looks are important in and out of the parka, and that you don’t want to be self-conscious in a bathing suit. We want to help you rock that bikini as soon as you can after our surgeries, with little to no scarring!

Call today to schedule your consultation, even if you’re out of state. We can offer videoconference consultations, in order for you to only travel for the surgery, or we can offer a consultation right away for someone who walks in wanting to change their life. Ask us about the financing options we have, or talk to our doctors about what you’re looking for to see if they can help you change your body for the better. Get the best Brazilian butt lift in Miami, and be proud of the way you look!

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