The Medical Benefits of a Tummy Tuck in Miami

Tummy tuck in Miami
affordable tummy tuck in Miami

Many people think that getting a tummy tuck or two is purely cosmetic, and that only those who want to have plastic surgery done to look better ever get the procedure. However, there are actually many different reasons to get a tummy tuck, besides getting rid of that stubborn pouch of fat. When you come to the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami, whether you’re looking to look better or feel better, our doctors, Dr. Jason Altman and Dr. Marcello Ghersi, will be there for you. We’ll be here to show you the medical benefits of our tummy tuck and why it could be something you consider.

Hernia Correction

Getting a hernia is never fun, and some people have the unfortunate problem of chronic hernias. A hernia is when the intestine or inner tissue breaks through the abdominal wall to form a horrible pocket of pain just under your skin. This can be a very painful and difficult thing to deal with, and it poses many risks of complication or serious injury. Those with chronic hernias tend to find that their abdominal wall is weaker than normal, and can cause recurring hernias in the same spots. A tummy tuck helps strengthen the abdominal wall, either by helping thin out the weak spots or providing extra support with carefully crafted stitches.

Looking Better

This doesn’t just mean liking what you see in the mirror! Those who have had extreme weight loss will have more than just a small pouch of fat, but a very large area of extra skin that can be a health concern in later years. In order to help remove the extra section of skin that is now empty of fat, a tummy tuck should be in order to help them look and feel better physically. There’s also the instance of abdominal issues from extreme weight loss or multiple pregnancies. With so much stress to the stomach area, the abdominal muscles can become distended, or unable to contract the way they should. With a careful procedure, our doctors can actually bring the muscles back into their proper positions, allowing you to heal up with a tighter abdomen than you had before!

Relieving Incontinence

No one wants to admit they’re incontinent. There’s nothing but embarrassment in it for them, and no one wants to admit they wear diapers. Sometimes losing yourself in a fit of laughter is normal, but when someone is afraid to leave the house from their problem, medical intervention might have to turn to a tummy tuck. It’s been shown that particularly severe cases have benefitted with a slight tummy tuck, and that incontinence can actually go away, despite it stubbornly staying through exercises, medication, and therapy.

Back Pain

affordable tummy tuck in Miami

Many times, those with bad posture or back pain have found that a tummy tuck is actually beneficial in helping with those issues. Tightening up the abdomen muscles can help improve a person’s ability to stand upright, and with better posture, can avoid back pain. Though it’s not guaranteed, some may consider a tummy tuck, just for the chance that their chronic pain will heal.

Why Come to PSI?

Why would you choose to come get your tummy tuck from us? First, we have the most affordable tummy tuck in Miami, especially considering the quality you get. Other doctors wouldn’t offer the prices we did and still give the same level of care, especially when it comes to aftercare. Our doctors are also two of the very few board certified doctors in Miami, and have a long list of successful surgeries and extensive education to prove they earned their status. Doctors and staff work together day after day to make sure you’re not only taken care of, but cared for, and give you the best quality we can.

Coming to Miami might seem a bit out there for a surgical procedure, but we’ve had people come to us specifically from all over the nation. Everyone knows that the Plastic Surgery Institute is one of the best in the nation, and we’ll do whatever we can to help prove it to you. Click here to contact us today for your first phone or in-person consultation, and get started on the road to a better and happier life today!

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