Become Young Again with a Board Certified Face Lift Doctor in Miami

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Wouldn’t it be nice if cashiers started carding you again? If you got called Miss, instead of Ma’am? While reversing your actual age is impossible, it is not impossible to look young again. Everyone wants to be that mother that gets confused for being their daughter’s sister. Everyone wants to be told “I hope I’ll look that that good when I’m your age.” Well, that dream is not impossible. Become young again with a board certified facelift doctor in Miami. With three certified plastic surgeons the Plastic Surgery Institute is dedicated to make you look young and refreshed again and to help you like what you see in the mirror.

Facelifts to Regain Youth

Face Lift Surgeon in Miami

Do your crow’s feet make you want to cry? Do the bags under your eyes make it look like you already have? No worries! Dr. Ghersi and Dr. Altman all specialize in fixing those little things that take away from your natural beauty.  With a number of procedures, there is nothing they can’t fix. Whether you want ear pinning to fix your slightly too large lobes, or blepharoplasty to fix what aging does to your eyes, they can do it. They even offer minimally invasive facelifts, which are completely safe and fix all those mildly annoying signs of aging that everyone hates. From wrinkles to sunspots, and everything in between, our doctors are ready to help you out.

Why Choose PSI?

Our Institute is renowned for our expertise and experience. All three of our doctors are board certified, and have many successful surgeries under their belt. We all work as a family to keep everything running smoothly and ensure that you’re comfortable and happy with your time with us. We’re all about you, and will do whatever we can to keep you satisfied with your visits. All over South Florida, thousands people walk around with younger faces courtesy of our three doctors! With our stylish and sterile rooms, friendly faces, and fantastic doctors, you’ll never want to choose another specialist again!

Out of Town?

Not in Southern Florida? Don’t worry, we take any customers interested! We’re recognized internationally for our prowess, so we’re never surprised when someone from the other side of the continent wants to make a visit. Our staff are well trained in helping figure out appointments and procedures with someone who isn’t from Florida. We can help you arrange your trip for your consultation and your procedure, and can even help you with booking your travel options. For those worried about healing up after a procedure, we’ve got you covered there as well. If you need to stay a bit longer to ensure that everything heals correctly, we can even arrange a nurse to stay with you while you recuperate.

Plan a vacation that leaves you more beautiful than when you left! We’re located in Miami, so why not enjoy the local beaches? Have a few vacation days, then come in for your procedure. By the time you come home, you’ll have plenty of stories about the wonderful vacation you had, and you’ll have a face to match it.

What Should You Expect?

When considering a procedure such as this, you’re going to want to do your research. Compare doctors and prices, and don’t be afraid to come in for a consultation and ask whatever questions you have. Our doctors know what you should be expecting, but they won’t know about your specific concerns. Don’t worry, you can ask them anything!

Depending on the facial procedure, whether it be a simple Botox injection or a complete face lift, you’ll have to know what you’re in for. Usually you’ll start with a consultation appointment, where you and the doctor meet up to see what you want done, and how long the procedure will be. It’s your time to ask questions and explain what it is you want, and it’s the doctor’s time to tell you what to expect. Use this time of communication to figure out exactly what will happen on the day of the procedure, and start planning for your visit back to our Institute.

On the day of procedure, you’ll come in, and we’ll take you to the appropriate room once you’re ready to go. Within a few minutes or hours, you’ll be done and ready to rest and heal. Some simple procedures have almost no downtime, meaning you can be back at work the next day, if you so choose!

Our Doctors

board certified facelift doctor in Miami

Doctor Jason Altman is our resident body specialist, with years of experience and hundreds of surgeries under his belt. He’s usually the doctor you see when you wish for breast augmentation, liposuction, abdominoplasty, or breast lifts. Before he co-founded the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami, he went traveling around the globe to provide free surgery on those who needed it in developing countries, even going to teach local surgeons better methods of reconstructive surgery.

Doctor Marcello Ghersi started his quest for expertise by traveling the country to learn from top surgeons. He fell in love with aesthetic surgery, and decided to become a master at it. He’s also spent time in Central America to help provide free pediatric surgery for those in need, and has received quite a few offers to join distinguished fellowship programs not open to many!

Our doctors have done thousands of procedures for all sorts of reasons on all sorts of people. No matter what it is you want, they can help you find it, and won’t bat an eye at the varying difficulties of procedure. If you’re looking for an expert in their field, come to the Plastic Surgery Institute to find the best of the best!

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