Who Qualifies for Butt Lifts in Miami?

Brazilian butt lifts Miami

Who wants to look great in front of a mirror again? Have you ever wanted to just go on out to the bars and love the way the people look at you sway? If you’ve suffered from a flat butt, you know the sad feeling of putting on “curvy” jeans, only to have the extra fabric sag in the back. It doesn’t seem like it’s the end of the world, to have a flat butt, but after a few months of being self conscious of it, you understand that it affects the way you live. Maybe it’s time to think about a butt lift! Who qualifies for butt lifts in Miami? Almost anyone can, if you’re willing to take on the procedure. It can be a difficult procedure for some, especially if you’re not used to surgeries. Don’t worry, though, our expert doctors at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami will be there for you every step of the way!

What is a Butt Lift?

A Brazilian butt lift is a procedure that helps your bottom become fuller and rounder using your own resources. Rather than putting in implants, as is done with breast augmentations, a butt lift requires liposuction of a different area. The doctors actually liposuctions fat from your body, filter it, and surgically reinsert it into your bottom to help lift and fill. It can be a bit difficult for those bodies that have never had surgery, since the body will be going through a rapid change, but it is altogether safe, and relatively easy to handle once your body wakes back up and realizes what happened.

How Can you Qualify?

If you’re thinking about getting a Brazilian butt lift, then you’ll need to have extra fat somewhere else on your body. Whether you’ve got a bit of a tummy or thick thighs, the fat needs to be accessible for the doctors to relocate. If someone is very thin, and lacks sufficient fat deposits, then a butt lift would not be the ideal choice, and butt implants should be considered. It’s also not advised to get a butt lift if you’re on the path to losing weight, as the effects can change with a drastic weight shift. Other medical conditions that might cause hesitation are HIV, anemia, liver enzyme inconsistencies, and other blood infections. This is mostly just a concern for your health and ability to heal afterwards. However, if you’re happy with the size you have now, and just want a bubble butt, then congratulations, you qualify!

Why Choose PSI?

The Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami was built on the foundation of serving you, and giving you the look you’ve always dreamed of. Our three doctors are all board certified and full of lifelong experiences that make them some of the best surgeons around. Our entire staff is here to take care of you and make sure that you get what you want as safely as possible. Our facilities are warm and inviting, and we keep everything spotless and sterile in the procedure rooms. For a relatively new place, the Plastic Surgery Institute is full of expertise and caring, and every patient gets treated like he or she is the only patient here.


Brazilian butt lift

Want a butt lift from the best doctors around, but don’t live near South Florida? It’s alright; we take in every potential patient, no matter where you live. Coming in from out of town is nothing new to us, as we’re used to people coming in from everywhere to visit us. We’ve gotten used to helping people from all over, and we offer special help to someone traveling far from home, including video call consultations! You won’t have to come all the way to Florida just for the consultation, especially if the procedure will be a few days, weeks, or even a month or two out. With our video call, you can talk to the doctor and make sure you’re ready for your very own butt lift, all without having to spend hundreds of dollars to come and visit.

Once you’re ready to come on over, our staff will be more than happy to talk with you about travel plans, and even help make some of your travel arrangements. We focus on taking special care of our out of town guests, knowing that we have to make sure you’re healed up enough before you hop onto a plane and leave us. If you need it, we even have nurses and aides that can come help you out while you heal in the hotel room, allowing you to heal without the added stressor of being stuck alone in bed.

When choosing to lift your butt, you’ll want to find someone reliable and experienced. You definitely don’t want to cheap out on a surgeon doing work on your body, and you don’t want to walk into a doctor’s office without knowing what to expect from them. At the Plastic Surgery Institute, you’ll be introduced to your doctor, walked through it step by step, and have a chance to ask your own questions. We’ve got plenty of before and after pictures for you to look over, and a large success rate. Our three doctors are the best around, and all of them have their own experiences that take them to the top. For instance, each of our doctors have done work on children and trauma survivors in developing countries at some point, and have put their skills to use in many areas, such as reconstruction, preventing amputations, and even cleft palate surgeries.

Finding a good doctor for your butt lift doesn’t have to be the beginning of a long and arduous journey. With a little bit of research and a few phone calls, you can meet up with the doctor that will change everything for you, right here at the Plastic Surgery Institute in Miami. Make the phone call today and change your butt from flat to fabulous with our experienced and professional masters of surgery!

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