Botox Injections for Medical Purposes

Many people think that Botox is just an injection for 40+ year old women afraid of looking old. Lots of movies and television shows have capitalized on that belief, making fun of various female characters. However, Botox is much more than a joke in a movie, it’s a legitimate medical procedure with multiple applications. Although you can utilize Botox injections to remove wrinkles from your face, there are actual medical purposes! Learn about the various medical reasons you can help ease with a carefully applied injection at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami.


A headache can ruin your day. A migraine can make you beg for death. For those people that have suffered migraines before, you’ll hear plenty of horror stories and promises that they would do almost anything to stop a migraine. Those suffering from chronic migraines can grind their lives to a halt just to try and heal. A Botox injection can actually help prevent migraines in people that haven’t quite been able to destroy the wretched illness. If you’ve suffered from chronic migraines and haven’t found a suitable way to prevent or stop them, it may be time to consider a Botox injection to stop the pain.


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There comes a time when one’s bladder refuses to cooperate. Sometimes it refuses to hold together at all! Suffering from urinary incontinence can be one of the most embarrassing problems to have, and the worst part is, you don’t have to be a senior citizen to be affected. It happens in people of all ages, leaving you to worry and worry in public, forcing you to wear diapers and whatever other preventative options you can find. The normal cause of urinary incontinence is a weakness in the pelvic floor, the muscles that you use to keep from urinating as soon as the urine flows into the bladder. When you’re “holding it in,” you’re contracting your pelvic floor muscles. However, urinary incontinence usually comes from a sudden weakness and inability to contract the pelvic floor. A Botox injection can tighten up the pelvic floor and decrease incontinence.

Muscle Spasms/ Bell’s Palsy

For those suffering from MS, frequent muscle spasms, and Bell’s Palsy, a Botox injection will help paralyze the muscle just enough to prevent uncontrolled movements. Bell’s Palsy usually causes a drooping in one side of the face, because the muscles can no longer communicate with the nerves telling them what to do. In longer-term issues, a Botox injection will help tighten up the muscles enough to allow you a chance at walking down the street without feeling self conscious. For muscle spasm and MS, a Botox injection will calm the muscles enough to prevent painful twitching, spasming, and jerking.

Eye Problems

Those with frequent eye twitching, a squint, a lazy eye, and other eye problems can usually benefit from small applications of Botox. The muscles respond well to the botulinum application, and usually relax more as time goes on, providing the small chance of actually ending the main problem.

Chronic Pain

One of the major benefits of a Botox injection is in stopping chronic muscular pain that resists other forms of treatment. For instance, a person in a car accident may not suffer from broken bones, but the trauma of the crash can twist and damage the muscles in their body. One of the more famous muscular traumas in motor accidents is called whiplash, and for some unfortunate people, the whiplash doesn’t always go away. Other soft muscle injuries such as a tennis elbow or muscles twisted around a curved spine can relax a bit more from the injections. For chronic pain that doesn’t just disappear overnight, can’t be quieted from pain medication, and radiates from under the skin in a way you just can’t massage out, think Botox injection specialist miami.


Botox is not a permanent solution. The application of Botox really only lasts for a few weeks, and so it requires occasional reapplications if you want a long-term effect. A Botox injection is derived from the botulinum toxin, found in various bacteria in soil and water in areas around the world. It is a neurotoxin that can kill, if applied in larger and unrefined doses. However, Botox itself is a refined and concentrated version of the toxin, applied carefully by a medical professional with a very small amount. There is little to no danger in getting a Botox injection, though it is important to know where it comes from. Because it is from a neurotoxin, the application paralyzes the muscles in the area of injection, allowing the muscles to relax from overly contracted positions, or tighten up from limp and unresponsive muscles.

Where To Go

Botox injection specialist miami

Decided that a Botox injection might help with some of your concerns? Don’t just check online to find a “doctor” working from his home’s garage, consider a board certified doctor with a long and successful track record. Consider the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami! We have three amazing doctors that are all board certified and experts in their fields. Our Botox injection specialists have done thousands of medical procedures of all kinds, from a fifteen-minute Botox procedure to a full-on body liposuction, breast augmentation and butt lift surgery. They’re quick and efficient, but focus on every patient like he or she is the only one.

The Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami has a full history of satisfied patients, successful procedures, and minimally invasive surgeries, as well as expert customer service. We’ve helped people all over the country, and have even had international patients visit us, knowing of our skills. No matter what kind of procedure you’re thinking of, we’re the Institute to call!

Our Institute is perfectly placed in the best of Southern Florida, making it a perfect place to relax and heal. Take in a few rays while you’re enjoying the lack of pain, and come out of our offices with a brighter smile. Our Botox injections are safe, quick, and require little to no downtime. Some people even come in on their lunch break for their small injections! It’s a virtually painless procedure that can make your life much better than it was before! So call us today and set up your appointment!

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