Getting a Tummy Tuck Miami After Pregnancy

Tummy tuck in Miami
affordable tummy tuck in Miami

Pregnancy is a long process that leaves many women feeling self-conscious about their appearance once the little bundle of joy enters the world. Many women have difficulty with stretch marks and losing weight that they gained during pregnancy. Body dysphoria after childbirth can contribute to post-partum depression, a widely observed problem that many women struggle with.

The Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami is here to help ensure your happiness by giving you back the body you used to have. We believe in giving the best, most reliable care possible by providing you with the specialists you need to get the body you want so you can feel confident breaking out that little yellow polka dot bikini this summer.

Why Choose Us?

The Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami operates with only the best interest of our patients in mind. Your health and safety are our top priority. Doctors founded the PSI Miami practice and there are no investors involved to make ill-informed decisions that could negatively impact your health and safety. We strive to make our practice safe so you can enjoy a worry-free procedure.

When you come in for your consultation, our first step is to build you a team of specialists with the right experience. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to do your surgery right the first time around. Our doctors are true experts in their specialization after extensive training and performing many other similar operations. We make sure you are in the right hands before you even begin your consultation.


We are proud to announce that we have made it even more convenient to find an affordable tummy tuck in Miami. After the grand opening of our new location in Coral Gables at the end of Miracle Mile, we are ready to open the doors of our facility to help you get the look you want. You deserve only the best, and we are ready to give you just that. We are dedicated to your health, safety, and satisfaction else. You are our number-one priority, and we are more than ready to show it.

World-Class Facilities

Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami boasts the premiere facility in Miami, Florida when it comes to plastic surgery.

Because we try to accommodate all patientsm out of town and out of state. We have chosen a location that is only a short 10-minute car ride from Miami International Airport and is easily accessible from all of Miami-Dade county.

We know that no one enjoys having to go to the doctor’s office, which is why we paid careful attention to the design of our office and avoided that cold, sterile feel often found in medical offices. The brand new, state-of-the-art facility was designed with award-winning modern décor to make you feel more at ease. And with several reception areas as well as exam and consultation rooms to maximize patient privacy, we are set up and ready to receive you today.

Our surgical facility is our pride and joy. With two operating rooms, a generous recovery area, two preoperative rooms and a patient bathroomomfortable. The facility also includes a waiting area for the patients’ family.

Most importantly of all, though, is the facility’s accreditation by the American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgical Facilities, Inc. The certification of our facilities only serves to prove our dedication to clinical excellence and patient safety.


tummy tuck specialty doctor in Miami

We know that looking your best is the first step to feeling your best again. At the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami, we strive to make procedures as affordable as possible while leaving you satisfied with the work you have had done. Accessibility to procedures such as a post-pregnancy tummy tuck is our goal. If you are searching for a tummy tuck specialty doctor in Miami, we are here and ready to help you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself again.


When looking for the best tummy tuck Miami, it is nice to know how a doctor’s patients feel about their surgery. Former patients are so satisfied with our work at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami that we have posted their testimonials on our website for all the world to see. Before you request your consultation visit, we would like to highly encourage you to take the time to read the overwhelmingly satisfied testimonials. There are even video interviews without former patients available for you to watch. We even have a gallery available with several pictures of the before and after to show examples of the fantastic work of our dedicated doctors. Seeking a tummy tuck after delivery can be nerve-wracking, but we are ready to put to rest any uneasiness you may be feeling about the procedure. That is why we have made all of these examples available to you even before you come in for your first consultation.

Choose With Confidence

The Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami is here and we are more than ready to receive you. We take great care to preserve your privacy while offering you the most reliable procedures from experienced specialists who are dedicated to their work. When it comes to tummy tuck doctors in Miami, no other practice is better equipped to serve you than the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami. Put your mind at ease and get ready for bathing suit season by scheduling your consultation today. Our dedication to the success of your happiness is sure to impress!


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