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Brazilian butt lifts Miami

Brazilian butt lifts are a fascinating procedure that is quickly gaining popularity in mainstream culture.  While once something largely unknown, butt lifts are becoming more and more common.  But this begs the question: How in the world do you take care of yourself after surgery on your bum?

With the recovery, you are going to have to be cautious of action that you perform for approximately 2 weeks.  This can easily be a source of confusion for some, but it doesn’t have to be.  With our affordable Brazilian butt lifts in Miami, Florida, we are sure to speak with you about each and every aspect. During your original consultation, we will discuss your specifications with you, to best be able to give  you the shape and size that you desire. In addition, we also help you with your after care.

Brazilian butt lifts can seem a little scary when it comes to activities as simple as sitting – after all, when in the world can you do that after you’ve just had fat injected into your backside?  How do you lie down without hurting your backside, or the areas of liposuction? These questions can be scary and make this surgery seem much more complicated and convoluted that it actually is.  With our amazing surgeons, we are able to not only help you prepare before the surgery, but also will speak with you after surgery about proper protocol while healing.

If you have had liposuction before, you likely already have an idea of the care that you will be doing after one of our affordable Brazilian butt lifts.  In many ways, recovery and aftercare are very similar. While these are fairly simple to remember, here’s a very simple run down of some things that you can expect.


You will be asked to wear specific garments – specifically, a girdle.  This is very important to continuously wear, as it will help you to recover faster and with the shape that you desire.  While this may not be the most desirable thing to do for 2 weeks, the extra minute it takes to put it on after a shower is well worth it.

In addition, you’ll want to wear some stockings.  After any major surgery, your chances of blood clots will increase, leaving you vulnerable to developing deep vein thrombosis (blood clots).  These can be painful and even fatal if dislodged without fully dissolving first. Stockings will help apply pressure to your legs where you are most likely to develop clots, keeping the pulse nice and strong to keep blood from pooling and creating problems.


By exercise, we don’t mean get up and go for a run.  But to minimize risk of clots even further, you want to make sure to get up and move your legs multiple times a day.  In addition, this will encourage blood flow to your fat graft, helping you to heal faster.  Sometimes something as simple as pacing during commercials could provide a great deal of benefit.

Pain Medication

You may feel great.  That’s fantastic!  Take your pain medication anyway.  Even if you are only taking Tylenol, continue with pain medication for at least a few days – you never know how much the pain meds are actually helping you, and waiting for pain medication to begin controlling pain is much more difficult than staying on top of it.  If you take your pain medication as directed, it is perfectly safe and allows you to take it for an appropriate amount of time without damage – so play it safe and take your pain medication until you know that you are fairly well healed.

Monitor Drainage

Most surgeries results in some sort of drainage.  With the insertion of fat into a new area, your body is guaranteed to react to it by creating swelling in the site and building up fluid.  If this fluid is not properly draining, you may experience increased pain, slower healing, and even damage to your brand new butt.  If it seems like drainage is not productive enough, you may be directed to take water pills to help decrease the fluid buildup in your body. These are perfectly safe and don’t require any major preparation to take.

Drink water

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Even if you are trying to lose fluid, the worst thing you can do is not drink water.  By not drinking water, you would actually be more prone to a buildup of fluid, as any salt will cause your body to retain the water already trapped in it instead of allowing your kidneys to properly flush the fluid out.  By drinking plenty of water, you also ensure a clean supply of fluid to continuously transport and clean areas of your body as it works through.

Don’t sit

If you sit for too long on your new butt, you may just squish it down some, undoing the fresh work that was done.  Because  of this, avoid sitting directly on your buttocks for the first 2 weeks after surgery.  Plan to take 1-2 weeks off of work to allow for this time to remain off of your bum.  When returning to work, make sure that you have plenty of pillows to help keep your bum from being exposed to the hard pressure of a chair or bench.

Practice smart sitting

Even after your 2 weeks, your butt may still be healing.  Depending on your body, you could be fine or still have a way to go.  There are wonderful pillow out there that are long and round, similar to a thin cylinder.  By sitting on these, you continue to encourage the fat to remain in a lifted position at all times, giving you the look that you desire without a fear of any residual fat causing any sagginess. You can get the maximum return on your investment with very little effort.

After care seems scary, but it really isn’t.  Follow directions and relax, and you’ll do fine!

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