A Brief Explanation of a Gastric Band Doctor

Gastric Band Doctor

For those who are looking to lose weight and gain better overall health and better looks, the options of better diet and exercise aren’t always the magic cure. The fact remains that there are some people who have larger issues with portion control or the impulses to eat, and no amount of exercise or changing of foods is going to get them the body that they desire.

We understand that at Plastic Surgery Institute Miami and we feel that introducing some details about the gastric band procedure can be a great way to give those suffering from the aforementioned issues a possibility as they seek a better body.

PSI Miami is led by some of the best surgeons in the world and provides a spectacular facility in beautiful Miami that can help with all the cosmetic procedures you desire. We also can provide information on gastric band doctor tips for those who are interested.

A gastric band doctor can install a gastric band on your stomach to prevent you from overeating. In its simplest form, a gastric band reduces the size of the stomach, and so you feel full much faster. Obviously that all sounds nice but there are of course other things to consider, as it is a surgical procedure.

What type of surgery is it?

A gastric band doctor will have to enter your abdomen, but don’t think that it is a very invasive, intense surgery. Quite the opposite. Gastric band placement is done in laparoscopic fashion, and what that means is that a plastic surgeon Miami will make very small cuts in the patient’s belly (roughly an inch or possibly two), usually in just two spots. Then the doctor will insert a scope in the incision along with the actual band that does the gastric tightening. Once the procedure is over, the doctor simply stitches up the small incisions and the patient can usually go home right after the surgery is completed.

Gastric band surgery is regarded as the least invasive type of weight loss surgery available to people and we highly recommend it.

How do the doctors do it?

The doctor will also insert the actual gastric band through one of the two incisions that were done. The small band is made out of silicone and it is placed around the stomach, but it is not done tightly. Instead, we hook up another tube to the actual band and inject a saline (salt water) solution through the tube into the band and that does the actual tightening. Your stomach’s ability to move food through the area where the band is will be significantly reduced.

It is extremely important that we use the method with the saline water doing the tightening. If the band is either too tight or too loose for the patient’s comfort, we can easily go back and make alterations by changing the amount of water. This is much easier on the patient’s body, as the gastric band itself does not have to be taken out and then put back on each time.

What might the side effects be?

With any surgical procedure, you can be prone to experiencing some discomfort in the areas where the incisions were made. And your body will be adjusting to the gastric band so there is definitely a possibility for stomach discomfort.

Nausea and vomiting can occur but those can also be quelled by tightening or loosening the gastric band – by changing the amount of saline solution.

And perhaps the most important side effects could be extreme discomfort due to ingesting too much food.

How will a gastric band doctor change your life?

A gastric band will give you the ability to lose weight. But it also will give you a large amount of responsibility. Should you not follow the directions of your plastic surgeon Miami you put yourself at risk of pain, vomiting, other health issues and of course not losing the weight that you had set out to lose in the first place.

Meals will need to be kept small and you will need to give what you eat ample time to digest. You will also need to avoid foods that can irritate your stomach, such as ones with excessive spiciness and ones that have tendencies to make the stomach squeeze.

We can provide an amazing procedure and we can provide you with the tools to continually shed the pounds you’re looking to drop. All you will need to do is give Plastic Surgery Institute Miami a call for a consultation, and then if you do go ahead with the gastric band surgery, work hard to make sure you follow the orders of the world class staff.

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