Summer is Coming: Get your Miami Brazilian Butt Lifts

The rear end, or more commonly known as the butt, has definitely become a source of pride in many men and women in recent years. Just take a listen to most of the hit songs out there – crooning over a booty or a nice big butt is becoming wildly popular.

Then take a look at some of the popular stars out there. You won’t see bony butts being featured on the top glamour magazines and hot TV shows.

The booty is in right now. And if you think that your butt could use a new look, you are hardly alone. It’s becoming increasingly common for plastic surgery doctors to do the procedure, and you might be happy to learn that you can enhance your buttocks while also taking fat away from other parts of your body where you don’t want it. Yes, it’s a two for one deal.

The people at Plastic Surgery Institute Miami are the ones to call for Miami Brazilian butt lifts, and here’s some more information on this procedure that can change how you feel about your body and how others look at you.

What is a Brazilian butt lift?

Brazilian butt lifts Miami

A Brazilian butt lift will give you younger-looking, perkier, more rounded and prominent butt cheeks. It is done by taking some fat out of other parts of your body and moving that fat to your posterior. Because it is still material coming from your own body you do not have to worry about the tissue in your butt area rejecting the fat or other issues that could come if it were a transplant from another person or with some type of artificial material.

The addition of the fat will “lift” the butt and make it look much different.

Which issues can it address?

Brazilian butt lifts Miami can fix a variety of issues that make peoples’ butts look awkward. Flat buttocks that don’t fill a pair of jeans make the jeans look baggy and are not attractive. Also, some people have buttocks that are not symmetric, and getting a Brazilian butt lift can make them even.

Furthermore, any disproportionality can be altered, and for those who maybe haven’t kept themselves in the best physical condition, a Brazilian butt lift can fix sagging buttocks.

How do we do it?

We use liposuction to get fat out of areas of your body that you select. This not only gives you the chance to get the butt you have always dreamed about, but it can also significantly reduce the amount of extra fat you may have on your midsection, on your arms or anywhere else on your body. One popular method that can enhance the look of the butt after the procedure is to take fat from the areas of the lower back and midsection and move them to the butt. A smaller waist plus a bigger butt can have a major visual effect.

We can take small fat cells and big ones as well. We take them out of your body with suction-aided liposuction and then do some scientific work with the fat before injecting it back into the top area of your buttocks.

Those injections are copious, and they are done with many different types of needles at different lengths. The diversity of areas and depths will aid in giving you a professionally-done look, something that we take pride in at Plastic Surgery Institute Miami.

What can I expect after the procedure?

Obviously the most important thing you can expect after a Brazilian butt lift is a better butt! You’re going to no longer want to hide a butt that perhaps you didn’t feel totally confident about.

This confidence will give you the opportunity to take part in some activities that maybe you had avoided in the past. Think about weekend days at the beach all day in a bikini, or outdoor sports that can be done wearing tight clothing.

Plastic Surgery Institute

If you’re on the dating scene, you’re going to have more confidence and that can lead to all sorts of wonderful adventures.

Of course before all the happens, you will need to recover from your procedure. You will have to spend about a week in bed while making sure to keep up with nutrition and hydration, and after that you will need to go about three weeks without sitting on your new butt. That means that driving and work tasks that involve sitting are off limits.

You will need to wear some type of shorts or pants that are of the compression variety for the first two weeks, and you will also have to take part in some follow-up appointments.

So if you want a better butt for summer, you’d better get rolling quickly!

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