Four Things you Must Tell your Surgeon Before getting Butt Lifts in Miami

It sounds so simple. You want a butt lift and you have the money to pay for it – or the financing in place to get the procedure done. You’ve also found a surgeon you are comfortable with and you’ve found a break in your life schedule to get the procedure done and go through the proper recovery process.

You think all you have to do is just show up

But it’s not that simple. Getting buttocks enhancement is a major procedure and those who want to get a rounder, fuller butt from a surgeon need to make sure they have informed the doctors of all possible things that could cause complications.

Not telling a doctor something important is very dangerous. You can have serious health problems during the procedure, not to mention in your recovery. Permanent disfigurement is a real possibility, and blood flow issues could even lead to stroke.

That is why you should make sure to follow these four things you must tell your surgeon before getting the best Brazilian butt lifts Miami.

Brazilian butt lifts Miami
  • Your ability to handle pain, or allergies to pain medications

The procedure for Brazilian butt lifts Miami is going to leave you hurting. There’s no way around it.

After such a procedure there is going to be some swelling and irritation in the tissue in your buttocks. In fact, some people say the pain is much worse than child birth.

Therefore, you should tell your doctor if you do not handle pain well. And also if you have issues with taking pain medications, that is also advisable to tell the doctor.

  • Any history of heart problems

The butt lift procedure requires anesthesia, and some peoples’ bodies can not handle that mix of drugs. Any type of surgery and anesthesia also carries the risk of pulmonary embolism, an extremely dangerous situation where a blood clot can block blood vessels in the lungs.

The bottom line is that anything that could be an issue in your body related to blood flow is something of concern, and you must tell your doctor.

  • Your ability to understand the consent forms

When you show up to get your affordable Brazilian butt lifts in Miami Florida you will have a large amount of forms to sign, giving consent to the doctors to perform the surgery. When you sign the forms, you are telling the doctors that you understand all the risks associated with a Brazilian butt lift procedure and that you are OK with all the possible side effects – everything from minor pain to death.

If you do not understand the wording in any of the paperwork, you must tell your doctor. If you sign without knowing what you are signing, you are putting yourself at risk of a not-so-happy surprise when you enter the recovery phase of things.

For people whose first language is not English, this is especially important. While asking for forms in your first language is the best possible option, it may be worth paying for an interpreter to go through the paperwork and translate it into the language of your choice.

  • Your current medications

While it may seem to be no big deal that you take a few daily prescriptions that have nothing to do with Miami Brazilian butt lifts, the fact is that any medication you take for any type of issue can cause complications during the procedure.

Say you’re taking pills for depression, and you think that would have nothing to do with your recovery from a Brazilian butt lift. You could be wrong, and when those situations arise, you are putting yourself into major danger.

Come to your consultation with a list of medications you take and how long you have been taking them. The doctors will need to do a thorough job of looking up those medications and finding out if they might have any interactions with the medicines used in anesthesia.

You need to give your doctor all four of these pieces of information. Protect yourself and the people giving you the surgery by being honest.

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