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Botox is widely known as a wrinkle reducer, and today there are actually a ton of new and even unprecedented uses for the substance. Today we’re going to be talking a bit about the jaw and neck areas which are becoming increasingly popular and widely affected by Botox injections today. The first thing we’re going to talk about are the effects of Botox and what it can actually mean for you as a patient.

Exploring the Effects of Botox Injections

The first thing you need to know is that Botox is actually a variant of the botulinum toxin, and with these toxins you are actually able to paralyze specific muscles and achieve the desired effect – whatever it might be. The toxin binds with nerves and at the same time inhibits the transmission of nerve impulses, meaning you have a localized decrease of muscle activity. In other words, the muscles are relaxed and the appearance of muscle lines are reduced. Ergo, you lose the appearance of wrinkles, and this type of treatment can last for up to 120 days, or six months.

Into the Muscle

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As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, Botox works directly on the muscle, and if you were to take a look beneath the skin in the neck and chin you would find a V shaped platysmal band running from the chin all the way to the lower neck. This is a common treatment area, and administering it here can help sagging and neck lines to appear far less prominent. In addition to that, Botox can be applied to the masseter muscles which are most active during chewing. The idea here is to create a subtle contour of the jaw line – it’s a small change that makes a huge difference and one that you should definitely consider.

A Look at the Skin

One thing that surprises many people regarding Botox is the fact that it does not actually have any effect whatsoever on the skin. It does relax the muscles beneath, as we mentioned before, but the skin is an entirely different matter. So what is it that causes skin to sag? Well, generally you are looking at a break-down of elastin in the skin which ultimately leads to the sagging, and the only way to fix it is to either have ‘lift’ performed (we do that!) or to use anti-aging products that will help to slow down the effects. In short, no, Botox cannot pull up your sagging skin, not by any means. Can it help you to look younger? It can definitely have some great effects, but you will need to speak with your physician and make sure you know exactly what you want when you’re going in.

What you Need to Know

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So is Botox really the route you want to take? There a few questions that will need to be answered before you can get around to that one, the first being to make sure you’re speaking with board certified physicians. This includes:

  • Dermatologists
  • Plastic Surgeons
  • Cosmetic Surgeons

There are many considerations you will need to make but the most important thing, as we said, is knowing exactly what you want before you go in for the surgery. There are a ton of different reasons for you to seek out Botox injections and it may not even be a case of aesthetics.

Miami Botox injections can actually be used to treat serious medical conditions such as migraines and even certain bowel issues. Now would be a great time to do a bit of research and make sure you’re ready to go under the needle, so to speak. Count on us as your board certified plastic surgeon and get the results you really want.

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