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liposuction specialists at PSI MiamiYouth is fleeting. Anybody over the age of 30 really does come to understand that, some more gradually than others. Young, vibrant, taut skin that naturally stretches over a lean physique with little to no effort isn’t something that lasts long, unfortunately. Sometimes, despite our efforts, age gets the best of us and we start to notice things changing; there’s fat in places it didn’t used to be, skin sagging, age spots and wrinkles. Things like environment, genetics, and diseases or conditions beyond your control often effect weight management and reaching your goals with success, even when you’re working hard. When this happens, when age takes its toll despite your best efforts, there’s no doubt about the fact that you suffer mentally and physically as your conditions don’t improve.

Why suffer when you can act now to reduce the fat in your body, creating a newer, healthier you? You’d be surprised at how big of a difference you see in your mental health, not to mention your  physical health, when you opt for a liposuction procedure. Though we fully believe aesthetic beauty only scratches the surface of the kind of beauty that really matters, we understand that sometimes you just want your youth back. And that’s why the Plastic Surgery Institute in Miami is happy to provide numerous services that will help you feel 25 again, liposuction being one of them.

What Is Liposuction?

Unwanted fat is an extremely common problem for men and women everywhere. Diet and exercise help, but perfect results are usually impossible to achieve on your own when you have things like aging, genetics, and environment working against you. So, how can we help? We at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami are the leading provider of liposuction in Miami, and we only staff the best and most experienced in liposuction. Speaking in everyday terms, liposuction is a cosmetic procedure that removes excess fat deposits from various parts on the body. Generally speaking, it’s a simple procedure with a fairly short recovery time; however, recovery time may depend on the type of procedure, and sometimes certain situations may warrant a longer recovery.

Though each case is unique and assessed on an individual basis, generally speaking for your procedure, we’ll create small incisions (2-4 millimeters) and remove the targeted, unwanted fat through those incisions. Depending on the areas and the volume of fat to be removed, you may have local anesthesia, or general anesthesia. The procedure is usually quick and result in the ability to return home the same day to begin a short recovery.

Why Choose PSI Miami

If our experience isn’t enough, understand that we pride ourselves on patient care to make sure that your procedure goes smoothly, as well as your recovery time. This means that we do everything we can in our power to ensure that the surgery goes well for optimal results, but we also empower each patient to move forward in a knowledgable way so that they can take care of themselves in a healthy way moving forward. Simply stated, we believe in a teamwork approach between doctor and patien.

Liposuction Doctors in MiamiToo often, patients are placed in the hands of surgeons who lack the experience in plastic surgery or body reconstruction; this often results in surgical complications and poor results. At the Plastic Surgery Institute Miami, each surgeon is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and have each performed thousands of liposuction procedures. Lastly, PSI Miami is equipped only in the best and the latest equipment for liposuction in the industry, that only leads to the best in results.

We aren’t a huge practice; you won’t get lost in our system; you are not just a number, or a statistic. We are a small practice based in Miami who has only one interest in mind, and that’s you. Here’s what you need to know: we were founded and are still entirely owned by doctors, not investors, not businessmen, not people who don’t have a stake in the game in terms of your health and safety.

In addition, we pride ourselves on the variety in our staff – we have all American Board of Plastic Surgery Certified doctors with specific expertise tailored to meet any one need exceptionally well. In other words, if you’d like a liposuction procedure completed, we won’t have a general surgeon working with you, you’ll be working with the best in our surgeons who only work with plastic surgery and liposuction procedures in Miami. This ensures that you have only the most experienced surgeons working with you, and you’re guaranteed to get results that align.  

Don’t look elsewhere to feel young again. If you’re interested in surgically eliminating excessive fat on your body, look no further than the liposuction specialists at PSI Miami.


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