The Basics of Brazilian Butt Lifts by Miami Plastic Surgeons

Becoming one of the most sought after enhancements, Brazilian Butt Lifts entail removing fat from undesirable places and repositioning it within the buttocks. With the presentation of a flatter stomach, tapered waist lined, and fuller butt, this one procedure can change a woman’s entire silhouette, giving it a curvier look.

Seeking consultations with board certified plastic surgeons in Miami, you can achieve your ideal body type and be back to your normal routine within as little as 48-72 hours. There can, however, be various factors that affect the results of your Brazilian Butt Lift.


Brazilian Butt Lifts

There are many who shy away from the idea of undergoing a Brazilian Butt lift simply because they believe themselves too old. In fact, you are never too old to attain the body you want. There are options available to those who want to pursue this treatment through collaboration between your primary care physician and providing plastic surgeon to provide you with the safest route available. It is important to note that with air-sculpting, no anesthesia is used and as such, the typical risks known to come with this procedure are avoided.

Sex of Patient

Normally, women have a softer textured fat that is less fibrous than males. It is for this reason that it is harder to perform Brazilian Butt Lifts on males; however, as air-sculpting allows for the melting of more fibrous fat to be removed, it makes for an easier procedure for any patient. This is the best alternative for minimal down time and achieving the best possible results.

What is the difference between a Brazilian Butt Lift and a Butt Lift?

The routine method if inserting silicone implants into the butt and giving it a succulent, rounder appeal is considered the traditional method of butt lifts. You could also attain the same look with gel injection, but this also provided a softer, realistic filling.

A traditional Butt Lift procedure required the use of a silicone implant into the butt to give it a fuller and more rounded look. In other cases, gel injections may be used to achieve the same look. These procedures often carry several risks and many times patients are injected with substances that can be harmful to the body. Whereas, the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is safer and requires less healing time.

Questions for Your Plastic Surgeon

How much can a Brazilian Butt Lift cost? This is hard to say because of various factors: your provided plastic surgeon, body size, and ideal alterations. You can take advantage of the many physicians offering free consultations to gain an idea of what the costs can be in your immediate area; however, no cosmetic surgeon is sure to give you a similar price.

Brazilian Butt Lifts

How long can recovery take? With any cosmetic surgery, you can expect to need some time to heal; however, the Brazilian Butt Lift does not require much more than three weeks, during which time you are to wear special support hose. Putting any pressure on the butt or disturb the sculpted area during the days following is discouraged and you are provided a specialty pillow for sitting. It is recommended that you sponge bath for the next 48-72 hours following the procedure. There will be some pain, yet this is considered minimal and most women tend to it with Advil or Aleve. A majority find themselves exercising, walking, running, and completing other activities.

Can the Brazilian Butt Lift work with other Cosmetic Procedures? It isn’t uncommon for women to want to complete their transformation as quickly as possible. This could mean undergoing several procedures in one surgery, such as having rhinoplasty, chin augmentations, and a touch of Botox for the perfect face. The same can be said for their body figure.

The Brazilian Butt Lift Miami is similar to having a multiple procedures done in one setting as you work areas such as the stomach, arms, legs, and love handles [excess fat above the hips] as well as areas suffering from cellulite such as the inner thighs and reinjecting into bottom for plumper feel and hour glass shape. There is no need for further liposuction, tummy tucks, or other issues.

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