A Miami Liposuction Doctor Can Get you Into Shape – Literally

Are you thinking of visiting us, your local Miami liposuction doctor? Do you think it might be within your best interest to have the procedure performed but aren’t entirely sure? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The first thing you need to know is that the liposuction of reality is far from the hilarity represented in the comedic tropes. In fact, liposuction is a pretty straight forward affair used for correcting detrimental issues.

Correcting your Figure

Miami Liposuction DoctorYour figure is important to you, and if your body fat is disproportionate then you might be suffering from the low self esteem that often accompanies an asymmetric figure. This is where Miami liposuction solutions come in handy, and we’ll start by talking about fatty tumors.

Removal of LipomasWhen you think tumors you often think cancer, but lipomas are actually benign, meaning they’re not cancerous at all. While they might not be dangerous, they can be very difficult to work around and can cause a rather unsightly shape, throwing your figure off entirely. Liposuction can be used to remove these masses and give you the figure you want.

GynecomastiaAs a man, the last thing you want is to develop fatty breast tissue, and this is precisely what gynecomastia is. Getting rid of that extra fat can definitely boost your self esteem, so don’t hesitate to get rid of it!

Lipodystrophy SyndromeFinally we come to one of the most irritating fat issues in the human body, which is actually a  problem of uneven distribution. In this condition fat develops excessively in some parts of the body while there is a total and complete absence of it in other parts. There are many potential causes, but the most common is the use of HIV medication.

There are many other conditions that will call for the use of use of liposuction, and we’d certainly like to talk to you about them at your appointment. For now, we’re going to go over a few of the most common liposuction misconceptions and facts that you need to know.

A Few Fun Facts about Liposuction

The following are a few points that we’d like to bring to your attention as a liposuction specialist in Miami. Some of these are simple facts and others are here to clear up any misconceptions you might have about the procedure.

What is Liposuction?

The name of the procedure is actually quite literal as it involves sucking fat from different parts of the body, leaving you with a more even, and sometimes more petite figure. This type of operation is performed under a general anesthetic, meaning you’ll be sedated for the entirety of the procedure rather than having a part of your body numbed.

Can it be Used for Weight Loss?

Miami LiposuctionDespite the rumors and jokes that fly around in regards to liposuction doctors in Miami, no, you cannot use liposuction for weight loss. The effects of the operation are very subtle, and with that being the case, it is only useful for cosmetic changes. It is, however, a very common operation, and more than 400,000 procedures are carried out each year.

Are there Risks?

There are some risks associated with liposuction but none of them are going to be fatal. The biggest risk that you will be facing with this type of procedure is scarring and infection, both of which can be addressed pretty quickly.

Where can I Get Liposuction?

Miami Liposuction can be applied to several different parts o the body including your thighs, stomach, neck, and upper arms. If you are older and lacking elastin in your skin, then you might find that you have baggy areas of skin after the procedure is completed.

Get the Shape you Want

When most people talk about getting into shape they are referring to diet and exercise, but with liposuction it is an entirely different monster. It’s a complicated and involved procedure, but with our level of experience, we can get the job done for you.


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