What Should you Expect from a Miami Liposuction Doctor?

We know it’s been on your mind; you’ve been thinking about going in for a liposuction procedure for some time but you haven’t been too sure about it. It’s not like we can blame you; you’ve probably heard all kinds of stories about procedures gone wrong, or maybe you’re worried about the social stigma attached to it.

The second one is actually understandable; it’s been made fun of in the mainstream media for some time, and that’s no joke. We’re here to tell you, as board certified liposuction doctors in Miami, that there is nothing comedic about it, and the social stigmas are absolutely wrong. So here’s the big question: what should you expect from a Miami liposuction specialist? Don’t worry, it’s not as terrifying as people like to make it sound.

The Basics of Visiting a Miami Liposuction Doctor

Before your Procedure

Miami Liposuction DoctorBefore you go in for your liposuction procedure you’re going to need to undergo an examination, and this will help us to determine whether or not you are a valid and acceptable candidate for one of these procedures. During the initial evaluation you will need to disclose any medications that you are taking along with and herbal supplements.

If we determine that you are a viable candidate for the procedure, the next step will be deciding whether or not you want to have it. Remember, you are free to change your mind any time you wish, even if you are cleared for it. At this point, you will want to ask us some questions, including what you should be expecting during the procedure as well as after. Additionally, ask us about the risks and benefits; we’ll be more than happy to fill you in and make sure that you are totally confident!

During the Procedure

When you walk into our office on the day of your surgery we will, following your requests, mark your body with a pen to show just where the fat will be removed from, and once the marks are made we’ll move on to the anesthesia phase. One thing to note is that most doctors do use a local anesthesia, but depending on the nature of the procedure and you, as an individual patient, we may opt to use a general anesthesia which would work as a full sedative As the anesthesia begins working we’ll make an incision where the lipo is to be performed, and a canula will be inserted into the cut. Moving it back and forth, we’ll suck out the fat and leave you with the body you’ve always wanted.

Following the Surgery

Plastic Surgery Institute MiamiThe recovery time will vary depending upon the patient and the extend of the surgery that was performed. Some will be able to go home immediately after and others will actually need to remains in the surgical center or hospital overnight. If you’re unsure about this, make sure you ask us how long it will be until you can return to your normal activities and life.

Remember that directly after the surgery, the areas where the fat was drained could be leaky and you might experience some drainage. In order to facilitate faster healing, you will need to wear compression garments and avoid moving around as much as possible; ask us for more information about your particular case.

So here’s the big question: are you going to have the body you want after your procedure? To be honest it all depends upon the person, but there is a good chance that yes, you will! It’s a great way to increase your self-esteem and of course fit into your clothing. Want more information? Give us a call today and get read yto change your entire life.


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