Tummy Tuck Miami – The Last Step on the Road to a Flat Stomach

Nearly everyone is born with a flat stomach and the funny thing about that, is that they don’t tend to know how great they have it until it’s gone. It might happen early on, or it might actually happen later in life. Before you lost your flat stomach, how often did you actually think about it? Well, we know that there are many ways to gain extra weight but only a few effective ways to really lose it.

Once you have it mostly under control, however, you’re going to end up with a few more noteworthy problems. The most significant of these is the sagging stomach which may haunt you until your dying day unless you do something about it, and that something is a tummy tuck Miami.

Getting Started – What Should you Expect during your Tummy Tuck in Miami?

Tummy Tuck Miami

To answer a few of your general questions regarding Miami tummy tucks, let’s talk a bit about what state you’ll be in during the procedure. It starts with a general anesthesia which renders you completely unconscious as opposed to a local anesthesia which would leave you conscious for the majority of it. With a general anesthesia you will be unable to feel pain throughout your procedure, which is for the best as it involves making incisions to remove the skin and fat between your belly button and public hair. This is don’t in an elliptical shape, and the fascia is tightened with sutures.

Once the first part of the procedure is done, we’ll reposition the skin surrounding your belly button, and the entire structure will be rebuilt to ensure it is in the normal position. This is the part where it becomes complicated as the incision goes from hip to hip above the public hair line, and a scar will be left behind which falls along the natural crease of your bikini line.

It is critical that you make sure you have a board certified doctor, like us to perform this procedure as many amateurs tend to leave even more significant scarring behind. The last thing you want is a massive scar when bikini season comes around, that’s one outcome you don’t want from your tummy tuck Miami procedure.

Overall, the procedure should take a total of about three hours, but we acknowledge that everyone is different and the times could vary.

Procedure Follow-Up

Once the procedure is complete your stomach area will be covered in dressing and tubes will be used to drain both excess fluid and blood. In addition to that, your knees will mostly need to be kept at an angle for the first few days. This isn’t something that you are going to recover from quickly, but in the end it will be entirely worth it and you’ll likely be up and walking that first day.

One of the most common and most obvious questions that people ask us, the one board certified tummy tuck doctor in Miami, is whether or not there will be significant pain following the procedure. We can tell you that there will indeed be some pain – pain that can easily be mitigated with medication. You will likely experience some of the following:

  • Moderate Pain – We can prescribe medication to help you overcome this one.
  • Drainage – During the first few days drains might be left in place to ensure the fluid finds its way out of your body properly. We’ll teach you how to take care of the drains and keep yourself in proper health.
  • Swelling – You can definitely expect swelling in the surgical area; this is common with any invasive procedure.

After the Procedure

The last step on the road to a flat stomach is recovery, and you’ll probably spend the first six weeks avoiding bends or anything that can compromise your incision like. Speak to us for more information and keep yourself in good shape – the end result will be totally worth it.

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