How to Prepare for Recovery from your Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift Miami

As women, we spend a lot of time and money preparing to face the world (literally) every day. From carefully dressing your body in the most flattering silhouette, cut, color, size and style to carefully applied makeup to enhance your most flattering features and minimize the ones that are not. Although people will see you everywhere you go with your best face forward, just as many (or maybe more) will not only see you coming but also going as well, making your rear view just as important.

Dressing your backside is sometimes just as much of a hassle as dressing the rest of you. You want to make your back look as good as your front, which means carefully dressing the back as well as the front. Jeans can be incredibly flattering, but, just as flat-chested is not desirable, neither is a flat behind.

Naturally, clothing designers are prepared to meet the need of clothing your backside in a flattering way, causing the appearance of your behind to appear shapelier than it actually is. However, this requires you to research the science of the buttocks optical illusion and try on a sea of options until you hit the magical choice, and let’s not even mention bikini wear! What if you could alter your body and not your wardrobe?

Brazilian Butt Lift

In the world of plastic surgery, butts are in, and in for a change without hitting the gym. Enter the Brazilian Butt Lift. Implants for a better looking behind is one way to go to achieve the appearance you want – round, firm and high, not flat, flabby and saggy; another option is the Miami Brazilian butt lift. This procedure involves liposuction of fat deposits around the buttocks. Then this fat will be purified and transferred to the buttocks, making them fuller and rounder. This gives the surrounding areas of the body – lower back, thighs, and stomach – a more contoured look and provides the fat needed for the procedure.

There are advantages over the typical implants such as a lower chance of infection since the procedure requires only a tiny incision to admit the cannula that both suctions the fat deposits and replaces them in the desired area. A larger incision means a higher risk of infection. Secondly, because the procedure uses your body’s own fat, there is less worry over implanting a foreign substance which can cause rejection.

Prepare for Surgery & Recovery

Once you have decided that this is the avenue you wish to take to achieve the look you want, you will want to find a Brazilian butt lift specialist. In preparation for surgery, your weight should be stable and your diet should be healthy, providing good nutrition and the vitamins and minerals your body needs so that you can ensure a speedy recovery.

In addition, before your surgery, you will want to not only prepare for surgery, but also for recuperation. Just as with any surgery that will require a recovery period, you want to be sure you have everything you will need at home before your surgery is done. Naturally, you will need someone to accompany you the day of the procedure and to take you home. You may or may not have someone who can stay with you and/or fetch what you may need after you return home so gather what you can before.


Plastic Surgery Institute Miami

Your body will require some time and special attention as it heals. Just like with any procedure, there will be a time of healing with specific instructions and support garments to assist in healing. It is important to follow your doctor’s instructions completely; remember that all the work done can easily be undone should you fail to follow these instructions.

The support garment is designed to gently wrap the operation site and the lower body to minimize swelling and must be worn for a few weeks and then removed; however, there will be some swelling for several more weeks. You will also need a specialized cushion because you will not be able to sit without pain for 2 to 3 weeks. The cushion decreases pressure so you can sit without additional pain.  You will be able to resume your work schedule two weeks after the procedure adding in other activities two weeks later.

This procedure is a very good alternative to butt implants with a shorter recovery period and less chance of infection but will yield beautiful and natural results.

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