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Dr. Ghersi and Dr. Altman specialize in creating a refined vision of you. By providing subtle but significant improvements, the Miami Plastic Surgeons are able to improve areas of the face that patient’s may be unhappy with, while at the same time maintaining the aesthetics that makes every patient unique. Many facial plastic surgery patients choose face lifts, brow lifts, or eyelid surgery to look younger and more refreshed. Others visit us to refine facial features that are out of balance, such as the nose or ears. Dr. Altman and Dr. Ghersi provide results that look natural and attractive to improve your confidence and enhance your life.

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Dr. Ghersi and Dr. Altman make it possible to regain a younger-looking face or achieve harmony among facial features.

How much does a face surgery procedure cost in Miami?

Cost of Face surgery in Miami plays an important role when deciding whether or not face surgery is right for you. Keep in mind, it is surgery and the results of face surgery procedures are more important than the cost.  If the ultimate goal is looking and feeling better than the price shouldn’t be the issue.  No matter what, considering the experience and the expertise of the surgeon should be priority number.   Face surgery prices are important, but it is not the most important factor when considering face surgery. Think about it.  Are you worth it or should you put yourself at risk by saving a couple of dollars? Choosing face surgery based on the lowest price might ultimately be the most expensive choice.

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Full Interview with Dr. Ghersi about a Miami Facelift here.

Financing and Loans

Financing and loans for a face procedure are available through private finance companies.  You can also ask us about our Face surgery financing option here in house as well. Often, our clients simply pay for their face surgery using a credit card. Nevertheless, we have engaged in multiple different situation and always find a way to get you the results you deserve.

Miami Face surgery Before and After Results

More important than getting a great deal on your surgery is getting the results.  Our surgeons have listed many face surgery before and after pictures and all of our numerous testimonials can be read at that link.  The Before and After is always our selling point.  If your uncomfortable with a prior procedure or with how your current shape is we encourage you to call for a consultation today

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What is Face Surgery?

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A face surgery is a surgical strategy that plans to lessen the indications of facial maturing. The regions tended to with face surgery are the neck, cheeks, and the other areas of the face. Known as a “facelift” it fixes the fundamental muscle layer underneath the skin. After this is done, the overabundance skin is then expelled. Dr’s Ghersi & Altman regularly join the face surgery operations with extra methodology if necessary. For instance, in light of the fact that the face loses volume with time, a fat exchange strategy is frequently performed in the meantime. Patients that may need their eyelids revived can likewise have a blepharoplasty, or eyelid lift done in the meantime.  If you have more questions about “What is a facelift?”  We go into more detail about it there.

When do I need a facelift?

There are three obvious changes that a maturing face experiences as an after effect of the maturing procedure. These are facial drop, flattening, and outspread development. The substandard removal of the facial delicate tissues allows for a improvement and reduction of old skin. Emptying alludes to the loss of facial fat. Spiral extension is the releasing of the facial tissue. As the face ages, the layers of the face (skin, fat, and muscle) discrete and release. An appropriately arranged and executed facelift ought to deliver these with a specific end goal to completely restore the face and neck.

As an outcome of the Face Surgery procedure, the facial skin and fundamental tissues slide. This can be first found in the midface, where the malar fat cushion (cheek) starts to dive. This plunge of the cheek fat has two impacts. In the range between the lower eyelid and cheek, emptiness shapes as the cheek fat plummets. The other impact is the formation of the nasolabial crease. As the lower confront ages, the cheeks start to show up as the facial tissues plunge forward and descend. The platysma muscle begins in the drop face and keeps running down the whole neck. This muscle slips in both the face and neck as we age. In the lower confront, its drop makes the cheek. The cheek is really the hanging front end of the muscle. In the neck, the platysma slips with maturing, now and again bringing on the groups that show up in the front of the neck.

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A legitimately executed facelift method ought to hoist the midface, or cheek, to its regular position. This cheek height will reestablish the totality to the range between the cheek and the lower eyelid. I trust this is a range that specific sorts of facelifts neglect to rectify. It is additionally a territory that, if revised, can reestablish the energetic look to a face.  The facelift ought to re-position the platysma muscle back to its unique position, with a specific end goal to remedy the cheeks. Furthermore, fat exchange is regularly utilized shape the cheek to more energetic appearance. The second noticeable change is flattening. This portrays the emptiness that is some of the time found in a few zones of the maturing face. Collapse can be expected to either lost fat volume or a drop of the facial fat. The territory underneath the cheekbone can experience collapse in a few patients. The surgical restoration of the face must consider these movements in volume and endeavor to right them. The initial step is the acknowledgment, trailed by a surgical arrangement went for re-positioning the facial profound tissues to renew the volume. This can be proficient by either re-positioning the fat amid the facelift or by performing autologous fat exchange.

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Spiral development can be best portrayed as the outward push found in a few zones of the maturing face, which causes lost jawline definition. This is most generally found in the lower confront in the ranges of the cheeks and the lower fringe of the jawbone. It is an outcome of the debilitating the facial holding tendons. As they debilitate, the tissues extricate and isolate from the more profound tissues. This is an extremely troublesome issue to completely remedy surgically. The facelift method must have the capacity to lift and secure the basic profound tissues keeping in mind the end goal to reproduce the meaning of the jawline that is connected with youth

The platysma muscle keeps running from the drop confront and down into the neck. With maturing, this muscle plunges and may bring about the pieces of jewelry that are generally found in the neck. Furthermore, the slackening of the muscle may include totality in the neck underneath the jawline. The facelift strategy ought to address the muscle by fixing it halfway beneath the button and along the side close to the edge of the jawbone. This is regularly called a platysmaplasty.

The submental zone, just underneath the jaw, is a zone where the aggregation of fat can bring about expansion in the neck. Fat evacuation ought to be performed wisely keeping in mind the end goal to shape the neck satisfactorily, yet keep up a characteristic appearance. Enthusiastic fat expulsion around there can skeletonize the neck and permit the basic neck structures to be noticeable through the skin.

What are the Different types of Facelifts?

There are many different types of techniques involved with a facelift.  There are Liquid Facelifts, mini, vampire, non-surgical, acupuncture and the list goes on and on. Nevertheless, Dr. Ghersi & Altman use all the latest technology as well as techniques in their procedures to assure you get the best results.    For instance, if you’re looking for a mini facelift your looking to address the wrinkles and the sagging skin that is in the lower section of your face.  By utilizing small incisions around the ears it will bring back the definition to the chin and tighten the surrounding areas.

How do I schedule a Consultation for a Facelift?

If your considering face surgery in Miami, you can schedule your consultation by filling out the “request consultation” form at the bottom of this page and we’ll reply right away. Or, if you like, call us at 305.446.7700 and schedule your appointment to speak with our face surgery specialists about how a facelift from Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami can rejuvenate the look of your face and your overall appearance.

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