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Aging leads to loose, hanging skin and the accumulation of fat under the chin, contributing to the loss of definition in the neck. A neck lift can help you achieve a more youthful neck line by eliminating excessive fat under the chin, tightening the lax muscles, and tightening/removing sagging skin. Although they can be performed on their own, a neck lift can also be paired with other anti-aging procedures. Neck lifts are often paired with a facelift procedure to achieve a more attractive appearance in the lower face and to achieve comprehensive rejuvenation. Facial liposuction to remove excess fat under the skin may be performed in conjunction with a neck lift as well. Our expert plastic surgeons at the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami tailor each neck lift procedure to suit each individual patient’s needs and to help them reach their aesthetic goals.

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* Each patient is unique and individual results may vary.

What Can a Neck Lift Do?

When a neck lift is performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon at our Miami office, it can accomplish the following:

Remove Excess Fat Deposits

Excess fat in the neck, along the jawline and underneath the chin is removed in order to create a slender, well-defined neck and lower face.

Eliminate a “Turkey Neck”

In order to eliminate loose, sagging skin that makes the neck resemble a turkey’s neck, the skin is trimmed and tightened, allowing wrinkle-free neck counters to emerge.

Greater Jawline Definition

A neck lift can correct a jawline that sags or blends in with the neck. It creates greater definition in the jawline and create a distinct separation from the neck and lower face.

Repair Neck Muscle Banding

A stretched platysma muscle can lead to vertical bands on the neck. A neck lift can repair this issue and create a rejuvenated, more youthful appearance.

When a neck lift is performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon at our Miami office, it can accomplish results that can last for years.
Neck Lift | Miami, FL
The results of a neck lift can last for years.

Why is a Neck Lift a Popular Cosmetic Option?

Neck lifts are popular for a variety of reasons. First, they can produce great result as standalone surgeries or lead to dramatic improvement when coupled with other procedures. Neck lifts are also effective in tightening and smoothing the appearance of the skin. Finally, the results of a neck lift can last for years.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for a Neck Lift?

The ideal candidates for a neck lift are adults in general good health who are concerned about their excess neck skin, stubborn fat, or loose skin tissue along their jaw line. In addition, good candidates should have realistic expectations and factor in time to recover after the procedure.

If you are dissatisfied with your jowls or “turkey neck”, have undergone non-surgical treatments and seen minimal or no results, and consider yourself a generally healthy person, you may want to visit our office to determine whether a neck lift is a viable solution.

If our plastic surgeons believe you are a good candidate for a neck lift, they will take the time to design a customized neck lift for you. The neck lift will take your degree of facial aging, anatomy, and personal goals into consideration. Any additional procedures you are interested in can be built into this treatment plan as well.

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How do I Prepare for a Neck Lift?

At Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami, we conduct consultations for any patient interested in a neck lift. Since neck lifts are customized procedures, you can expect one of our plastic surgeons to carefully evaluate your face, including the skin and tissues. They will educate you further on the procedure and discuss your surgical goals. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions.

If you end up scheduling a neck lift, we’ll provide you with instructions on how to prepare for your surgery. The instructions will include guidelines on what you can eat and drink and which vitamins or medications you should avoid. By carefully following our instructions, you can ensure a smooth, stress-free surgery.

Some of the instructions we may provide you with include:

Stop smoking at least six weeks before and after surgery.

This is crucial, as smoking obstructs blood flow to the skin and can hinder the healing of your incision sites.

Do not take anti-inflammatory and herbal medications.

Herbal and anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen and aspirin may cause increased bleeding, making it crucial to avoid taking them for at least two weeks before your neck lift.

Seek post-surgery support.  

Arrange for a family member or friend to drive you home after your surgery and be by your side for a few days if necessary.

How is a Neck Lift Performed?

To begin a neck lift procedure, one of our plastic surgeons will make incisions under the chin and/or behind the ears. Then, they will tighten the platysma muscle and sew it together. Next, any excess skin and fat will be trimmed away. The tissue and skin will then be repositioned and secured with sutures. Lastly, incisions will be closed and drains may be placed before bandages are put into place. A neck lift usually takes about four hours to perform.

Recovering from a Neck Lift

Most patients experience minimal discomfort after surgery that can be alleviated with prescription pain medications. After a neck lift, you will likely face some skin numbness that will fade away in a few weeks or month.

We will encourage you to keep your head still and elevated for a few days after the procedure in order to reduce swelling. You may notice that your face looks puffy or bruised for the first several days after surgery. Understand that this is normal and will disappear in a few weeks. Approximately five days after your neck lift, the majority of your stitches will be removed.

The first week after a neck lift, you should relax and take it easy. Since your skin will be tender and numb, it’s important to be especially careful with your face and hair. If your job does not require strenuous activity, you will likely be able to return to work in ten days to two weeks after the procedure.

In the event you work in an industry that requires you to move often, it may take longer for you to return to work. To help you feel more confident in public while your bruising heals, we can recommend makeup techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions About Neck Lifts

What is the average age for a neck lift?

Patients of all ages undergo neck lifts. However, in our office, this procedure is most common among patients in their 50s, 60s, and 70s. Younger patients in their 20s, 30s, and 40s may also benefit from a neck lift, however, especially if they have lost a significant amount of weight or were born with a neck defect.

Are there non-surgical alternatives to neck lifts?

While there are non-invasive treatments that claim to produce the same results as a neck lift, these treatments almost always use energy to tighten skin and destroy fat. The results they produce can be excellent, but are nowhere near as dramatic as a neck lift.

Do neck lifts ever involve any complications?

Fortunately, complications from a neck lift occur only rarely. If complications do occur, they are usually bleeding underneath the skin, infection, poor reactions to anesthesia, or the temporary injury to facial muscle nerves. Our plastic surgeons will review your medical history and ensure that you do not have any issues such as blood clotting issues or high blood pressure that may cause issues after surgery.

What type of anesthesia is used during a neck lift procedure?

A neck lift procedure is a major surgery that is usually conducted under general anesthesia to keep patients and safe and comfortable.

Where are incisions placed for a neck lift?

A small incision is placed under the chin for a neck lift. It is hidden well in a natural crease and may be used to access fat in the neck for other procedures. If you choose to pair your neck lift with a facelift or liposuction, additional incisions may be made behind your ears.

How does smoking affect neck lift recovery?

Smoking can hinder neck lift recovery by shrinking up the blood vessels that provide oxygen and nutrients to the tissue and allow the area to heal. Therefore, patients are encourage to stop smoking for at least six weeks prior to surgery in order to reduce their risk of complications. Continuing to refrain from smoking after the procedure is highly encouraged as well.

When can regular exercise be resumed after neck lift surgery?

Intense exercise after a neck lift can increase the risk of bleeding, swelling, and bruising until an appropriate amount of healing time has been allowed. Light exercise such as slow walking may be performed after the anesthesia wears off, and is encouraged after the first few days for circulation.
However, heavy exercise like running, heavy lifting, and cycling should not be performed until at least several weeks after the surgery. It generally take about six weeks after surgery for contact sports to be allowed.

What procedures are usually combined with a neck lift?

Patients who are hoping to completely transform and rejuvenate their face may consider combining a neck lift with various other procedures. We often recommend a facelift, fat transfer, and Botox.

How soon are result from a neck lift apparent?

Patients will begin to notice results from their neck lift several weeks after their procedure once they have completely recovered.

How long will a neck lift last?

A neck lift will allow you to look much younger. However, it’s crucial to understand that a neck lift will not stop the aging process, meaning wrinkles and sagging skin will reappear years after the procedure. The process will be slowed, however.

How will weight gain affect results?

Excessive weight gain after a neck lift may cause sagging and neck fullness. For this reason, we encourage all patients to lead a healthy lifestyle by filling their diets with nutrient-rich meals and exercising on a regular basis.

How does a neck lift differ for men?

A neck lift is a great procedure for men who are self-conscious about the appearance of their neck. At Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami, our surgeons are mindful of preserving masculine features when performing neck lifts on men.

They are also extra careful when tightening the muscles or skin tissue of the Adam’s apple as overdoing it can lead to extreme discomfort or injury to the man’s neck. Although the neck lift procedure for men and women are similar, it is important to understand the minor differences.

What is the platysma?

A thin layer or sheet of muscle in the neck is known as platysma. Aging causes this muscle to sag and leads to the appearance of “bands” in the central area of the neck. The platysma and the superficial musculo-aponeurotic system or SMAS, which is a layer of fat and muscle tissue under the surface of the face are lifted and tightened during neck lift surgery.

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Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami is dedicated to exceptional patient care and fostering a healthy surgeon-patient experience. Our board-certified plastic surgeons have decades of experience and focus solely on cosmetic procedures. In order to provide our patients with the best possible outcomes, we use the latest techniques and cutting-edge technologies.

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