Archives: Testimonials

Amazing & Super Happy!

My overall experience was great, no complaints, no disappointments, no issues! Everything went smoothly & I am very happy with my results. I was very

Getting There!

Great bed side manners, easily explained things so that I understood. Staff is excellent!

I Love My Belly

Dr A is the absolute best. I felt cared for every time I went to see him (3 before actual surgery) no matter how silly

Happy and Pleased

Because Dr. Jason Altman is the best and he’s very professional and caring and his credentials says it all. No complaints on file with the

Dr. Ghersi Did A Magical Job!

Dr. Ghersi did an absolutely phenomenal job and if I were to do surgery all over again, it would definitely be with him.

Best Idea Ever-breast Enhancement

I gave Dr. Marcelo Ghersi this rating because I get nothing but compliments, feel great and experienced the smoothest, stress free process I’ve ever dealt

My New Nose!

Based on my experience, this is the most accurate review for Dr. Ghersi. I was referred to Dr. Ghersi by a couple of friends. He

Facelift/Eye Lid Surgery

I got surgery with him in the past, I had seen his results and was very impressed. I like the service I got every time

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