A Miami Tummy Tuck Helps with Loose Skin

Plastic surgery is often used to modify our bodies and get rid of excess fat or skin. One of the most common ways to do this is with a liposuction treatment, which removes the excess fat from the body a few pounds at a time. This is often confused with a tummy tuck, although a tummy tuck targets the loose skin on the abdomen, rather than the fat. If you aren’t quite sure how to handle the enlarged areas on your body, an affordable tummy tuck in Miami could be the solution. Use this guide to learn more about the procedure and see how it can help you.


What is a Tummy Tuck Miami for?

There are many reasons why a plastic surgeon may recommend an affordable tummy tuck Miami as opposed to liposuction. While many patients use the terms interchangeably, they are actually two completely different treatments. Liposuction treatments are designed to remove excess fat, while a tummy tuck is designed to reduce the amount of excess skin on the abdomen. Unlike liposuction, tummy tucks are exclusively performed on the abdomen and are not designed to help with weight loss. Instead, the best tummy tuck Miami is designed to smooth out the abdomen area and make it appear flatter.

In order for tummy tuck doctors in Miami to perform the treatment on you, you will need to be an ideal candidate. The procedure isn’t designed to help with obesity or excessive fat. Your tummy tuck doctor Miami will go over the requirements more in depth, but patients should be:

  • Free of major health conditions
  • Close to their ideal body weight
  • Have experienced a loss in elasticity in the abdomen
  • Be able to follow doctor’s orders
  • Have realistic expectations of treatment


Unlike liposuction, a tummy tuck usually isn’t recommended for health reasons. While the procedure can yield excellent results, it is important to be mindful that the procedure helps improve appearance, rather than health. The tummy tuck specialist Miami you speak with will be able to go over the details of what the treatment can help with, as well as provide you with before and after photos.

Like most plastic surgery options, the tummy tuck cost Miami will vary quite a bit from person to person. Keep in mind that multiple treatments, or a combination of treatments, may be needed based on the overall condition of your skin. It is best to get an estimate from the plastic surgeon ahead of time and inquire about financing if it is needed. You don’t want to be surprised when your plastic surgery bill arrives in the mail!




How a Miami Tummy Tuck Works

The steps to get a Miami tummy tuck are a little bit different than that of a traditional surgery. It is best to do some independent research before contacting a plastic surgeon for the first time. The specialist isn’t going to want to work with someone who has unrealistic expectations of what to expect from the operation. Once you have read up on tummy tucks Miami, contact the Plastic Surgery Institute to schedule an appointment with a local plastic surgeon.

When you first meet with the tummy tuck specialty doctor in Miami, be sure to ask a lot of questions. You should know every detail about the procedure and the expectations the surgeon has of you. Be sure to follow any instructions that you are given so that you can ensure your procedure goes smoothly.

On the day of your surgery, you will meet at the institute. It is recommended that you arrive early for your appointment. In some cases, the doctor will give you additional instructions to follow.

You will be lead into the surgery room. Tummy tucks are usually performed while the patient is under some form of anesthesia. If a mini tummy tuck is being performed, the patient is usually given local anesthesia to keep them calm and reduce the pain.

The procedure itself does not take very long and most patients are ready to leave in a few hours. It is important to keep in mind that you will need plenty of bedrest after surgery, so don’t plan on returning to work right away. The surgeon will give you a more specific time frame so that you can better plan your post-surgery activities.

You will also need to make a follow up appointment with the tummy tuck specialist Miami. This is to ensure that there is no damage to the area and that it is healing properly. Don’t make the mistake of blowing off this important appointment as it can provide you with insight on whether or not future treatments are needed.


Making an Appointment with a Tummy Tuck Specialty Doctor in Miami

Getting a tummy tuck in Miami ( can be easy if you know where to look for a plastic surgeon. The Plastic Surgery Institute has years of experience helping people get the tummy tuck they need to feel great. With a low recovery time and an affordable cost, it is easy to see why tummy tucks are a popular option for abdomen skin removal. With the help of an experienced plastic surgeon, you can get the tummy tuck Miami that you always wanted. Contact the Plastic Surgery Institute today to learn more about the procedure and how it can help you.



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