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During your mid to late twenties, you found that a lot of your friends were getting married and moving on to the next step in their lives.  At first, they were more than happy to go back their locals haunts, to get that feeling of nostalgia, however as time progressed, they have moved away emotionally and physically from you.  This is to be expected; because you eventually stop having things in common.  Eventually, you meet friends who have some similar interests and hobbies.

However, when you enter some of your old haunts, you look at some of the other female patrons, noticing their flawless skin and realize how much you have aged.  After you give yourself a quick pep talk, you rejoin your friends.  During the following week, you go to the cosmetic counter and after the cosmetologist gives you creams, ointments, and lotions, you realize that even though your skin will be rejuvenated, there is just some damage that can’t be fixed with cosmetics.  That’s where we come in.  At the Plastic Surgery Institute, we have some of the best face lift specialty doctors in Miami.

Face Lift Specialty Doctors in Miami

Plastic Surgery Institute: What is an Affordable Face Lift in Miami?

Before committing to any kind of medical procedure, it is always good practice to perform some research.  When you hear facelift you wonder, what exactly is one, why would you get one, and how is one performed?  Let’s tackle each of these questions one by one.

What is a facelift and why would you want to get one?  Facelift surgery (or rhytidectomy), is when we take and rejuvenate and remove signs of aging from the face and neck.  A lot of times one of the first most prominent body parts that starts to show age is the face.  As we age, we lose collagen and fat in our faces, which act protective barriers from the sun and other elements.  Because we live in Florida, the sun is one of the worst assailants on your skin.  With both the depletion of the collagen and fat along with the sun’s exposure, wrinkled skin is one of the most popular blemishes that we are asked to work on.

Now to explain how the procedure is performed.  We at the Plastic Surgery Institute will cater to your emotional and physical needs.  Because each person is built individually, each procedure will be designed to cater to that individual’s needs.  In some cases, we will perform a standard (or short scar) procedure, which will factor in the elasticity of your skin.  By tightening or relocating the deep tissues, we make a younger looking face.  If your face is still gaunt after the procedure, we also encourage additional fat injections to help produce the apple cheeks that everyone loves.

We know how a lot of our patients feel, and we want to make sure that your procedure is the best procedure that you have ever had performed.  Because of this, we will make sure your medical needs are met before you have anything is done.  If you don’t want to be given general anesthesia, we can operate using local (or twilight) anesthesia.  Sometimes our pricing is a concern. As for costs, you’ll find with our many financial planners; you will realize that this is one of the most affordable face lift in Miami.

Plastic Surgery Institute: Where to Get the Best Face Lift in Miami and the World

When you enter our facility, we pride ourselves on keeping our patients and their loved ones comfortable by protecting their privacy.  Our award-winning facility is decorated with clean and modern lines in soothing colors, which will help alleviate any cold feet that you may have.  In addition, we have several reception areas for your loved ones to wait.  Our two operating rooms that are accessed via a private elevator, are designed a la carte to create an intimate yet comfortable experience while using equipment that is catered to each of our procedures.  Once you have completed your procedure and start on the road to recovery, you will be relaxing in our spacious recovery.

When you come to us, you can rest assured that you are getting some of the best face lifts not only in Miami, but also worldwide.  We have had clients fly in from around the globe to obtain our services.  We strive for client satisfaction and because of our out of town guests, and because of this we have located ourselves only ten minutes from the Miami International Airport.  Imagine relaxing on a sunlit beach in a perfect bikini body after having one of our procedures.  One of the benefits of coming to Southern Florida to get your face lift procedure performed is that not only is our weather beautiful, but you will not have to face the embarrassing and moment when you run into an acquaintance or loved one right after your procedure.

The act of traveling can be such a chore, especially when you are internationally traveling.  Things such as updated passport photos, money in the country’s currency, flights, hotels, and rental cars are just a few routine travel hassles.  With us, when you book your appointment, not only will our helpful and enthusiastic staff assist you with the procedures performed in this office, but they will also coordinate your trip to our facility.  We will also assist with finding the perfect place to recover.  Your pre‑operation consultations can be done from the comfort of your home:  with our out of town clientele, we will offer to consult with you through our web conferencing system.

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