What to Expect With Botox Injections in Miami

Botox injection doctor in Miami

With summer in full swing, now is a great time to give yourself a little extra care. Miami Botox injections are a great way to spruce yourself up this summer without spending time recovering from a more invasive surgical procedure. Botox injections are a flexible, non-permanent option for men and women interested in testing out cosmetic surgery and for those who want to feel a little younger without undergoing a major procedure. Before you head into The Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami for a Botox procedure, learn more about what to expect:

Staying Safe with Miami Botox Injections

Botox injection doctor in Miami

Botox injections in Miami are a very popular procedure because doctors can complete the procedure completely. They are also attractive because affordable Botox injections Miami have great results and cost less than other options.

Because of this, there are many options for the best Botox injections in Miami. However, one of the most important things you can do to ensure that your doctor has the skills necessary to perform your injections safely and correctly is to choose a Board Certified physician. We have two doctors at our office: Jason Altman, MD. and Marcelo Ghersi, MD. All of our doctors are board certified physicians.

Board Certification is voluntary; however, the certification shows you that the doctors took extra steps to ensure that they are skilled and capable of performing cosmetic surgeries. In addition to a medical license (as all surgeons must have to legally perform any procedure), the certification helps doctors meet requirements to specialize in certain areas. A medical license proves basic competence. Board Certification proves specialization in a certain area.

When you choose a Botox injection doctor in Miami, make sure they are board certified. Visit our website for more information about our board certified doctors.

Miami Botox Injections Procedures

Before you get Miami Botox injections, your doctor will ask whether you have had any of these injections over the course of the last four months. Medical recommendations suggest that you should only get the injections at least four months following previous injections to reduce the risk of infection and other possible side effects. Additionally, Botox injection doctors in Miami will ask if you are taking blood thinners, as these could cause bruising and excessive bleeding. You doctor may ask you to avoid taking blood thinners (like Aspirin) for a few days before the procedure. Like any other medical procedure, your doctor will also ask about other medical conditions and medications.
Once the day of your affordable Botox injections in Miami Florida arrives, your doctor will perform the injections in an examining room. These injections are quick and easy so you will not have to worry about recovery time or staying overnight anywhere.

The injection can be a bit uncomfortable so you can ask the doctor to number your skin before he moves forward with the procedure. Common options include an injected numbing agent, a cream that you apply about an hour before the procedure and a cold spray. The cold spray is very cold air, blown on an area of skin for about ten seconds. Numbness can last for a few seconds or longer depending on which option you use.

During the procedure, your Botox injection specialty doctor in Miami will use a small needle to administer small amounts of botulinum toxin into your skin. Your doctor will determine how much toxin to use based on the area of skin treated by the doctor. Following your Botox injections Miami, you can go about your day like normal. You should avoid rubbing or massaging the area you had treated to avoid pushing the toxin elsewhere. You may not notice results immediately. It can take a few days to see the results and results can last up to one year, depending on where the doctor injected the toxin and how much was used.

You will need to undergo follow up visits with the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami if you want to keep up the injections or if you have any concerns about your procedure. Click here to learn more about our institute.

Paying for a Botox Injection Specialist in Miami

The Botox injections cost in Miami, is one of the most affordable cosmetic surgeries around. Generally, Botox costs up to $15 per unit. The amount of Botox used will help determine the cost of your procedure other doctor fees may be included in the bill. In general, you can expect to pay around $300 for a smaller area.
It is possible to find Botox injection specialists in Miami that offer extremely low prices for their services. This is a good sign that you need to investigate the company better to ensure that they are board certified. Injecting toxin into your skin is not without risk. Doctors should have the skillset to perform the procedure safely and accurately. High prices are not always a guarantee, however, if a price seems too good to be true, it likely is.

At the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami, we have excellent surgeons trained and licensed to give you an incredible experience. We want you to feel comfortable in our facility. Schedule an appointment today with our doctors so you can get started on a better-looking summer. For more information, browse our website or contact us at 305.446.7700 to schedule a consultation.

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