It’s important to seek out certified Botox injection doctors in Miami

Botox injection doctors in Miami

We recently read about a regular, every-day woman who we have never met that is taking advantage of Botox injections after she noticed the horizontal lines in her forehead and the vertical ones between her eyebrows. Although we see this type of woman every day we were still struck by the tenacity of this lady. In fact, she’s a woman who is a perfect example of what we encourage others to do: Seek out the type of services you need and that we provide to see a younger and fuller appearance when you look into the mirror. With that thought in mind you can see you don’t have to be a celebrity or have a reality television show to obtain the services of certified Botox injection doctors in Miami, Florida.

Why you should choose Botox injections in Miami

Those lines mentioned above are dynamic rhytids, also known as wrinkles caused by facial expressions, and they are one of the main signs of an aging face. Women especially do not like when they see those lines on their faces. They are also not fond of the vertical lines between their eyebrows in the glabellar region or in the area on the side of each eye where deep wrinkles occur, i.e., “crow’s feet.” Each of these signs of aging can be corrected and safely treated using Botulinum toxin (Botox) injections.

The technicalities of Botox procedures and the knowledge needed to carry them out is why you should only enlist board certified surgeons. We encourage you to choose Miami Botox injections instead of spas and spas that do not have plastic surgeons on staff. At those types of places you could encounter complications and walk away with less than ideal results.

Botox injection doctors in Miami

Trust our Botox injection doctors in Miami

Receiving the injections is a straightforward procedure that can be administered in our office in just a few minutes. One of our board certified doctors (Jason I. Altman, M.D. or Marcelo Ghersi, M.D.) will use regional or topical anesthesia before the procedure begins so you are comfortable the entire time. The Botulinum toxin injectable works by paralyzing the muscles that are creating the wrinkles and the results, which last from four to six months, will be visible in a few days after the procedure. Our surgeons also work with Dysport and Xeomin, which are two of the leading Botulinum toxin equivalents that were recently approved.

Another issue that crops up as we age is the loss of volume in the face that eventually causes it to look hollow while deep wrinkles and furrows in the brow begin to surface. These changes are what we refer to as “trademarks of the aging process” and become noticeable on some people when they are in their 30s and 40. As you may be aware, there are additional surgical procedures that are aimed at restructuring and rejuvenating the face, but in order to add volume the use of fillers is a superb adjunctive technique. And the results are remarkable aesthetic improvements, which is what you should expect from Botox injections in Miami.

There are a variety of brands and types of fillers that are mostly made of inactive synthetic elements that won’t cause any adverse effects in the body. Another method, which is natural method, is to use your body’s own fat because it is an excellent filler that works superbly in the face. When fat is used it’s harvested from your abdomen or thigh then processed and injected into the soft tissue of your face. The result is facial volume enhancement that looks natural and full.

There are fillers that work tremendously well for small wrinkles like those found at the corners of the mouth and in the smooth part of the forehead above and in between the eyebrows called the glabella. There are still other fillers that are best used for more profound furrows like the ones that can be seen in the two folds on both sides of the nose down to the upper lip. They’re called nasolabial folds or, as they’re commonly referred, smile or laugh lines. These same fillers are great for use on sunken cheeks and indented temples. The fillers work to expand the volume in the face while intensifying the cheeks, jawline and can even correct small irregularities of the nose.

There are two other areas on the face where fillers are used with great results: 1) Around the eyes (tear-trough deformity), which contributes to the tried and old look of the eyes. 2) In the lips; this will rejuvenate them taking them from the thin and narrow look of aging to a full and youthful pout.

The best Botox injection doctors in Miami are standing by to help you to achieve the younger look you remember from years gone by. Not only do you want the best doctor for the job, but you want one that is an expert in the field and board certified as a plastic surgeon. Our team of plastic surgeons know face anatomy and are able to deal with and often foresee any complications that can occur from the products used for these procedures. And, as an added benefit, they can supplement plastic surgeries with fillers and the right injectable that will result in an effective and highly rejuvenating effect.

Therefore, when you’re looking for a Botox injection specialist in Miami keep our professional and qualified surgeons in mind. We will have you looking and feeling better about your appearance in no time.

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