Alternative Health Benefits for Botox Injections in Miami

Botox Injections To Reduce Migraines

At the Plastic Surgery Institute, we’ve been using Botox injections for many years now. Botox is often used for facial lifts and fillers. As we age the elastin in our skin begins to wear out and this causes our skin to droop. This creates dynamic rhytids, better known as wrinkles, on the face.

Over the years Botox has been discovered to help with a series of other ailments too including chronic migraines, bladder problems, and even excess sweating. How is Botox able to do so much, even though many people view it as just another cosmetic procedure? Well, the truth may surprise you.

How Many Ailments Has Botox Helped with in the Past?

Botox Injections To Reduce Migraines

The FDA actually approved Botox for a number of non-cosmetic treatments. Botox has been used to treat many ailments including excessive sweating, blepharosasm (it’s a condition where the eyes twitch uncontrollably), and even chronic migraine headaches.

The way Botox treats these ailments is that it blocks off the nerve impulses to the affected muscles. Botox injections in the back of the neck, forehead, side of the head, and brow are for treating severe migraines. While the severity of the migraine can affect how long the Botox lasts and how much treatment is used, it can prevent chronic migraine symptoms for up to six months.

Affordable Botox injections in Miami, Florida also treat excessive sweating in a similar fashion. Through a series of injections, Botox blocks the chemical transmitter that tells glands in your skin to sweat. Other health benefits of Botox can include reducing jaw tension and even chronic back pain.

If I use Botox for Aesthetic Enhancement, will I See Any Health Benefits?

Botox injections in Miami

The best Botox injections Miami can give your skin a more firm appearance. When people hear the word ‘Botox’, they often assume it’s used to erase the tell-tale signs of aging. While Botox can get rid of the vertical lines that appear on the glabellar region located between the eyebrows and the horizontal lines on the forehead. Many people wonder if they will experience extra health benefits from using Botox.

In most cases, no, you will not see a big health improvement by simply using Botox for aesthetic reasons. There have been people who have reported having less migraines or headaches due to the Botox injections. So you may see a slight decline in headaches occurring, but in most cases don’t expect to see much more. Botox paralyzes the muscles and it’s actually the side effects people hear more about rather than the health benefits from receiving Botox injections for aesthetic purposes.

What are the Side Effects of Botox?

Here at Plastic Surgery Institute, we take our patient’s health seriously. We do offer the best affordable Botox injections in Miami, Florida, but there are side effects that can occur from receiving Botox injections. The side effects can range from mild to serious depending on which ones occur.

After you receive a Botox injection, you may begin to experience flu-like symptoms. This can include dry mouth, headaches, and even dry eyes. Other symptoms can be weakness of the muscles near the injection site and even nausea. If the symptoms persist, you should check in with your doctor to make sure it’s not serious. Other side effects that can occur, even though they are less frequent, include vision changes, fever, irregular heartbeat, and bleeding at the injection site.

Plastic Surgery Institute

If you continue to experience one or more of the above side effects, seek out medical attention immediately. While many these reactions are temporary, they have been known to last up to several months at a time. Before receiving any Botox injections, be sure to speak with your doctor beforehand. Especially if you’re taking any type of medication or suffer from any serious health problems. Botox may have an adverse effect on your health and not everyone is a good candidate for Botox injections.

As we grow older our face begins to lose volume and this creates a hollowing effect which causes furrow and deep wrinkles. These changes are less noticeable in the 20’s age group, but begin to appear in the 30’s and 40’s. Botox is also seen as an alternative to plastic surgery too. Botox can rejuvenate and restructure the face without any invasive surgery techniques needed. This restores volume to the face and helps to fill in hollow areas of the face. This creates a more aesthetic appearance for a person’s facial features and restores the appearance of youth.

Our Botox injection doctors in Miami will be more than happy to speak with you about your treatment options. Our expert face lift surgeon is a board certified plastic surgeon; he’s one of the best qualified professionals to perform these procedures. When it comes to facial fillers and injectables, you need a professional to look out for you. People should beware of Botox procedures being carried out at salons or spas by people who are not plastic surgeons. The results from these procedures can have complications and carry health risks. Plastic surgeons are familiar with the anatomy of the face and know how to deal with complications.

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