What are Facial Fillers and Injectables?

With the much advancement in medical technology today’s system of facial fillers and injectables can help you erase the signs of aging such as filling in the folds of your facial skin, plump up shallow and sunken cheeks, as well as smooth out those fine lines.

While there are numerous types of injectables that are available to you – you must understand each one works in a different way. Here at the Plastic Surgery Institute, we specialize in affordable botox injections in Miami Florida. Therefore, we will be able to help you choose the best filler and injectable for you in order to obtain the best results.

Some injectables paralyze the muscles that cause those aged wrinkles. Although others, such as soft tissue or dermal fillers, work to fill in folds, wrinkles, scars, and depressions on your face.

Of course there will be thins that cannot be filed or repaired with injections like skin that has become lax and is sagging around the jaw, chin, brow, and neck. Because of the inability to fix these with facial fillers or injectables such as Botox, our botox injection specialty doctor in Miami will often pair another procedure alongside the injectable in order to form a more comprehensive treatment plan.

What is Botox?

botox injections in Miami FloridaBotox is a type of Botulinum toxin, as are Dysport and Xeomin. A botulinum toxin injectable works by paralyzing the muscles the cause wrinkles, or dynamic rhytids. Many of your facial expression can cause wrinkles, as you get older. Some of these telltale signs of your age include: horizontal lines across your forehead, vertical lines between the eyes – otherwise known as the glabellar region, and the fine lines on the sides of your eyes known as “crow’s feet”. All of these signs of aging can be treated safely with an injection of botulinum.

These injections can be administered in the office and the procedure only takes a few minutes. A topical or regional anesthesia can be administered prior to the procedure for maximum comfort.  In association with a Botox injection, there is no recovery downtime and your results can be noticeable within a few days, with results lasting up to four to six months. If you see any reappearance of those lines after the allotted four to six months, you may want to consider another dosage of Botox. Over time and the continual usage of Botox, the effects tend to mature, meaning they last longer and less re-treatment is needed to continue achieving the desired look.

At PSI, we also work with the two leading and recently approved botulinum toxin analogues, Dysport and Xeomin.

What Can Botox do for me?

There are any number of factors that Botox can be used for, two of the more recent advancements in Botox treatment is for migraines as the toxin also inhibits pain signals from reaching the appropriate nerve endings.

The second advancement is in preventing the excessive sweating of the feet, hands, and underarms, by blocking the chemical release that stimulates the sweat glands to produce sweat.

However, the primary usage of Botox is to remedy and prevent wrinkles and folds on a person’s face when it is at rest or moving. The injection of Botox directly into the muscle hinders the production of the neurotransmitter and that causes the muscle to relax effectively smoothing out the appearance of the face.

How does Botox Differ from a Facial Filler?

botox injections in Miami FloridaUnlike dermal fillers, which use collagen to plump the skin and add volume, Botox injections are used to treat the muscle itself. Dermal fillers are known to remove lines and folds when the face if at rest, but once it moves the lines reappear. Contrary to the usage of dermal fillers that are typically used at the bottom half of the face; Botox is best used on the upper portion of the face.

Finding the Right botox injection doctors in Miami

If you are considering a facial filler or injectable procedure such as Botox, consult with a board certified plastic surgeon and specialist. We at the Plastic Surgery Institute have doctors who are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons. We will give you a complete examination and determine which facial injectable(s) will be best suited for your needs. Buyers and users beware that any Botox procedure performed by a non-plastic surgeon may be fraught with complications that may arise from using such a product. We, at PSI, are certified and know facial anatomy; thus, we have the additional training and ability to deal with any potential complications that may come about. In addition, we can supplement fillers and injectables with plastic surgery to get a more refined and rejuvenated effect.

Miami botox injections are affordable and can help you achieve a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance.

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