Safety First: Get the Right Botox Injection Specialty Doctor in Miami

There is no doubt that there are a wide array of face-lifts, facial fillers, and injectables available. The question remains however, how does one go about picking out botox injection doctors in miami? Picking a specialist for the best botox injection miami requires a lot of research and patience not only for picking out the doctor who will perform your procedure but also  what type of injection or treatment is right for you.

Botulinum Toxins: Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport

Wrinkles, or to be more technical, dynamic rhytids, are caused by facial expressions and are one of the most noteworthy and telltale signs of one’s age. Between the vertical lines in the area between the eyes otherwise known as the glabellar region, the “crow’s feet” on the sides of the eyes, and the horizontal lines on the forehead are all early signs of the aging process but they all can be treated easily and  safely with an injection of botulinum toxins.

Injectables of this nature work by paralyzing the muscles that cause wrinkles. Botulinum toxin injectables can be administered in a medical office setting in a procedure that only takes a few minutes to complete. There are two types of anesthetics that can be used, regional or topical. A further positive effect with these types of injections is that there is no down time and the results are noticeable within just a few days after treatment. The results also last anywhere from four to six months before the treatment will have to be repeated if the desired effects are to remain.

In addition to botox injections miami the specialists at the Plastic Surgery Institute Miami are also trained to work with Xeomin and Dysport, which are two leading and recently approved alternative botulinum toxin injections.

Facial Fillers: Belotero, Fat Grafts,  Juvederm, Radiesse, and Restylane/Perlane

Botox Injection Specialty Doctor in MiamiWhen elasticity and volume decreases in the muscles in the face it causes deep hollowing, wrinkles, and furrows. Many of these signs of aging appear when one is in their thirties or forties. In combination with surgical procedures and techniques that are aimed toward the rejuvenation and restructuring of the face it is beneficial to add volume back into the face via a filler injection – both of these techniques together give and improve the aesthetic outlook of the user’s face.

Just like botox injections, there are many different types and brands of facial fillers. While most fillers are made with inactive synthetic substances, which do not cause reactions within the body, there are also natural fillers like your body’s own fat which is an exceptional filler for your face’s volume.

In a fat graft, fat is harvested from the either the thigh or abdomen and then carefully processed and injected diligently into the soft tissues of the face for the most naturally occurring form of facial volume augmentation.

Different fillers work for different types of wrinkles and furrows. Some types of fillers are designed to work especially well on the smaller wrinkles like those that are found around the corners of the mouth and the glabella region. On the other hand, some facial fillers are better to fill in the deeper creases that are present in sunken cheeks and depressed temples. Both types of fillers are used to build up the volume in the face and amplify the cheeks, jawline, and even correct and modify those slight irregularities around the nose.

Because fillers are used to give rapid facial enhancement effects that tear through years of aging and deformities, such as the sagging bags under your eyes and the depressions in your sunken cheeks that make you look older and chronically exhausted. Another utilization of fillers is lip rejuvenation – with age comes the narrowing and thinning of the lips. By using a filler injected into the tissue of the lips, your lips come back looking youthful and fuller in their appearance.

What is a Liquid Facelift?

A liquid facelift is a total overhaul and rejuvenation procedure in which a combination of botulinum toxin and facial filler injections are used in unison in order to refresh and enhance the aesthetic appearance of your face.

Why Choose the Surgeons at PSI for your Facial Fillers and Botox Injectables?

If you are looking for affordable botox injections in miami florida you need consider the doctor that will perform your procedure as well. It is important to make sure that the surgeon who is performing the procedure is board certified because lesser-qualified or mal-trained professionals who administer injectables and fillers can cause serious harm or damage if they are improperly administered. Because our surgeons at PSI know the anatomy of the face they are able to deal with any potential complications that may arise from using these fillers and injections.

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