NeoGraft® Hair Restoration

Advanced Technology

NeoGraft ®  is the industry pioneer and market leader with one of the first automated FUE system in the hair restoration market. NeoGraft®’s harvesting, site-making and implantation functions make it easier than ever for physicians to address hair loss and provide the hair restoration procedures that patients want. The inefficiencies of manual extractions and implants have been eliminated, and replaced it with advanced technology that provides patients with the benefits of the FUE procedure while also enabling physicians to perform fast, effective, safe hair transplants that yield superior
clinical results.

Optimized Workflow

  • Double-jointed arm and enhanced ergonomics ensure faster and more comfortable procedures for both patients and physicians
  • New contra angle eliminates loss of fluid and protects grafts through vacuum seal
  • Recipient site creation handpiece delivers more standardized implants
  • No-touch implanter offers the least amount of bulb trauma
  • Autoclavable handpieces offer sterilizable and cost-effective tools

Pneumatic Motor and Smart Drive Torque Technology

  • Piston-driven motor delivers precise pressure control for both extraction and implantation
  • Smart Drive Torque Technology delivers 100% torque to the contra angle/punch,
    for continuous rotation and the smoothest entry.
  • Consistent suction and spin lead to standardized extractions, high quality grafts,
    and superior patient outcomes

Intuitive Touchscreen Interface with Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • Automatic, real-time extraction and implantation of graft counts eliminates
    manual counting and paperwork
  • GUI delivers user friendly, intuitive, interactive experience
  • Treatment screens allow users to easily switch between two modes – extraction
    and implantation
  • User management tools help track and improve performance of treatment providers

Operational Efficiency with Internet of Things (IOT) Technology and Device Mobility

  • Advanced IoT technology capabilities enhance business operations by optimizing
    treatment protocols, improving patient results & satisfaction, and maximizing
    operational efficiency & ROI
  • Quiet operation and energy-efficient usage
  • Device occupies less than 5 sq. ft. and weighs 36 Kg with storable pedals and
    360-degree turning wheels

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