Skin Resurfacing


The aging process affects the skin in a dramatic fashion. With the years, skin becomes more thin and less elastic. Key support structures like fat and collagen become depleted, and chronic sun exposure further hinders the overall health of the skin. The cumulative effect of all these processes is a combination of small and medium wrinkle formation, as well as emergence of sunspots and other pigmented lesions on the skin.

Skin resurfacing refers to the process by which the skin is treated with an agent that provokes cell turnover, collagen formation and thickening of the skin. As such, these processes render a more youthful, smooth, even toned and refreshed skin.

Resurfacing can be successfully accomplished with chemical peels and or medical lasers. Depending on your specific needs, your surgeon will recommend a modality that suits your concerns. Anesthesia and down time depend on the extent of the resurfacing procedure taken. Results are fantastic and they complement other facial aging procedures such as a facelift and blepharoplasty .

Why Use Our Surgeons for Resurfacing?

At the INSTITUTE, we are equipped to care for all the resurfacing needs you have. We work with the latest and most sophisticated lasers in the industry as well as the classic conventional peels. Our surgeons are very familiar with these techniques, they will show you pictures of satisfied resurfacing patients and build a treatment plan that specifically fits your needs.

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