Brazilian Butt Lift

Round, full buttocks and a curvy lower back are staples of beauty and sensuality. Women whose buttocks have changed size or shape due to aging processes or weight fluctuations often choose to undergo a minimally-invasive Brazilian butt lift (BBL) procedure to restore a fuller, more attractive contour to the area. The specialists at the Plastic Surgery Institute (PSI) in Miami, FL perform customized BBL procedures to help women achieve their buttock size and shape goals. Women who choose to have their procedure performed by a PSI specialist can look forward to beautiful, long-lasting, natural-looking results.

What is a Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL)?

A Brazilian butt lift is a surgical procedure that provides natural-looking contour and augmentation to the buttocks using fat grafting techniques. During the procedure, excess fat is taken from the patient’s body and refined for injecting back into the buttocks. This increases the fullness and definition of the buttocks without artificial fillers or implants. The majority of the fat will establish itself in the new site and continue to live, resulting in long-lasting augmentation.

A BBL Procedure at The Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami

A Brazilian butt lift is performed under general anesthesia administered by a board-certified anesthesiologist. The procedure consists of the following:

  • Liposuction. A tiny cannula is used to liposuction fat from the abdominal, flank, back, and buttock areas. Strategic liposuction technique contours and shapes the areas and provides material for strategically augmenting the buttocks.
  • Fat grafting. Removed fat is processed. A syringe and cannula are used to inject processed fat into the buttock area to give it a fuller and rounder appearance. The very tiny incisions used to perform the procedure are closed using sutures or skin staples. Surgical dressings are placed over incisions to help them heal properly. Total procedure time is approximately two hours.

Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery

Patients are brought to the post-operative recovery room after their procedure. Recovery room nurses and staff members monitor pain and help patients gradually wake up. Patients can be driven home by a family member or friend when their pain is controlled and they are completely awake. Instructions are given to patients to help them recover while at home. Patients who follow instructions experience little pain or discomfort. Total recovery time is approximately one to two weeks depending on the extent of the operation. There may be activity restrictions during this time to prevent injury and promote optimal healing. Recovery room nurses and staff members monitor pain and help patients gradually wake up.

Results of a BBL

Patients see their initial results almost immediately after their procedure. As tissues heal and fat settles into the buttocks, results become better and better. Final results are usually seen about one year after the procedure. Final results include the following:

  • Improved buttock size, shape, and firmness
  • Improved appearance of the trunk area
  • A more defined natural curve of the lower back

Because specialists use patients’ fat instead of implants or foreign materials, results are natural looking and long-lasting. Patients who maintain their weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle will see optimal results.

A BBL Consultation with Our Doctors

An initial consultation is designed to help provide patients with a treatment plan that helps them reach their aesthetic goals. The consultation consists of the following:

  • A complete medical history review
  • An evaluation of areas that need to be addressed with liposuction
  • A discussion regarding the patient’s goals

Pictures are taken for comparison purposes. The patient is invited to ask questions and/or state concerns so they may be appropriately answered and addressed. Patients who want to have the procedure and are candidates can then schedule their procedure for a convenient date and time.

Frequently Asked Questions

The specialists at PSI Miami use liposuction and fat grafting techniques to perform the majority of BBL procedures. Implants are only used when patients are very thin and do not have enough fat reserves for a fat transfer. Recovery times for procedures performed with implants are nearly identical to those for procedures performed using liposuction and fat grafting.

Postoperative pain is monitored and controlled by post- operative recovery room physicians and nurses. Patients are only allowed to return home when their pain levels are completely controlled. Patients are given a specific protocol to help with pain during recovery. Instructions regarding how and when to sit and sleeping help patients go through recovery in an easy manner with little to no pain or discomfort.

Normal activities can usually be resumed two weeks after the procedure. Patients will be given an exact time frame for returning to exercise at their two weeks follow up appointment. Most patients can resume exercise four to six weeks after their procedure.

There are risks associated with all surgical procedures, including a BBL. PSI Miami specialists take measures to reduce risks as much as possible. Additionally, the liposuction and fat transfer technique used by PSI Miami specialists have fewer risks than procedures that use implants. After a consultation with a PSI Miami specialist, the overwhelming majority of patients find that the potential benefits of a BBL far outweigh the risks.

All surgical incisions form scars. The scars that form after a BBL are not noticeable because they are very tiny and strategically located along natural skin folds and creases. Patients do not need to be worried about their scars being seen, even when wearing bikinis and lingerie.

Results are long-lasting. Aging and gravity may cause the size and shape of the buttocks to change slightly over time, however. Patients who maintain their weight and live a healthy and active

Over the past few years, a new culture for buttock enhancement has swept the nation. Like breast enhancement surgery, women who seek buttock enhancement want to feel more comfortable with themselves and make their bodies meet certain aesthetic goals. BBL is the best and most popular buttock lifting and/or augmentation procedure.

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