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The Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami offers advanced breast lift and reshaping procedures for women in the Coral Gables and Miami, FL areas. Pregnancy, breastfeeding, rapid weight loss, and the natural aging process are all reasons women begin to see sagging and other changes in the appearance of the breasts. For most woman with sagging breasts, the problem can be very noticeable, often leading to self-consciousness and a drop in self-esteem. If your breasts are flatter, longer, flaccid or simply not as perky as they once were, a breast lift can help by reshaping and lifting the tissue to give you a more youthful and appealing figure.

What is a Breast Lift?

A breast lift, or mastopexy, is a surgical procedure that moves the breasts upward, while also removing excess skin and tissues that cause the breasts to flatten and sag. This helps to firm and restore breasts to an appealing contour and profile.

Breast lift surgery can also reduce the size of the areolas (the pigmented area that surrounds the nipple) to make it more appealing, symmetrical and proportional to the breasts. While a breast lift itself is not designed to provide significant enhancement to the size of breasts, it can be performed as either a stand-alone procedure or in conjunction with a  breast augmentation , which can add more fullness to the breasts.

Reasons to Have a Breast Lift

When it comes to your breasts, the decision to make permanent changes is always very personal. In many cases, women begin to feel that they look older, or less youthful when their breasts begin to sag, appear flatter or lose firmness. As you age, your body naturally begins to feel the effects of gravity. Your breasts can become elongated, lose firmness and begin to sag.

Additionally, the nipples of your breasts may also begin to point downward as they are no longer as supported as they once were, and you may develop skin irritation, such as rashes or chafing because your breasts hang down and rub the underarm or torso areas.

Sagging, flaccid breasts can also cause or increase neck and back pain because the weight is carried lower on the body. Your muscles must compensate for this extra weight and this can cause chronic pain and inflammation. In many cases, the weight of sagging breasts can also cause indentions from the bra straps, which cut into your shoulders and cause discomfort.

If your breasts are larger, or the sagging is extreme, it may cause you to be less active because the sagging interferes with activities such as running, playing sports or other daily tasks and hobbies. The causes of sagging breasts include aging, weight changes and or pregnancy. Any of these can cause the ligaments, skin and other connective tissues which hold your breasts in place to loosen. No matter what the cause, sagging breasts can make you feel less desirable or confident.

The benefits of a breast lift can include:

  • Increased self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Enhanced breast firmness and shapeliness
  • Balanced areola proportions
  • Relief from skin irritation under and near the breasts caused by chafing
  • Nipples no longer hang lower than the crease of the breast
  • A more symmetrical appearance
  • Improvement of chronic neck and or back pain When it comes to your breasts, the decision to make permanent changes is always very personal.

How is a Breast Lift Performed

The breast lift procedure is typically performed under general anesthesia. Once anesthesia has been administered, the surgeon will create the incisions and begin to lift and tighten the tissues, removing excess skin as needed. The exact method used by the surgeon to lift and correct sagging breast tissues will depend on your specific breast lift needs. Your surgeon will discuss the location of any necessary incisions. Any resulting scarring is usually camouflaged by natural skin folds and creases such as the area under the breast, or around the areolae (the darker pigmented area surrounding the nipples). You should ask your surgeon about what technique for a breast lift is right for you.

In addition, our surgeons my recommend addition of a breast implant at the time of the breast lift. An implant will often help the surgeon achieve a rounder and more youthful looking breast with more upper pole fullness, compared to a lift with no implant. If that is the case, your surgeon will provide implant options and alternatives that will compliment the lifting procedure for the best possible results.

Good Candidates for Breast Lift

Good candidates for a breast lift procedure in Miami Florida include women in good overall health with sagging, flaccid breasts. If your nipples fall below the crease of your breasts, are pointed downward, one of your breasts hangs lower than the other, you have indentions from your bra straps, your areolae are stretched out, or you have neck or back pain related to your breasts, you may be a good candidate for a breast lift procedure.

Poor Candidates for Breast Lift

Poor candidates for a breast lift procedure would include women with poor overall health or specific health issues that might increase the risk of a breast lift procedure. Women who are currently pregnant, nursing or considering pregnancy, or women who have extremely heavy or large breasts (which may require a  breast reduction ) should consult the surgeon about whether or not they should undergo a breast lift.

Breast Lift Risks

Breasts lifts are considered overall to be medically safe. Like any surgical procedure, there are certain risks that accompany a breast lift, however.

These risks can include:

  • Unwanted scarring (scars are usually hidden, but can become thicker and wider in some cases) -Infection or tissue damage
  • Difficulty breast feeding (this not common, although a breast lift can cause issues with milk production)
  • Changes and irregularities in the shape or size of the breasts
  • Partial or complete loss of feeling in the nipples and or areolae
  • Loss or changes in sensation in the breasts or nipples (this is usually not permanent and does not normally affect a woman’s erotic breast sensations)

Your surgeon will advise you about any signs or symptoms you should be on the lookout for. These may include signs of an infection such as excessive redness and or swelling, a fever or heat within the breast tissue, unusual discharge or bleeding, and others.

Recovery After a Breast Lift

Recovering from a breast lift procedure usually requires six or more weeks. In the first few days your breasts will probably be tender, swollen and sore to the touch. You may see bruising that lasts for two weeks or so. You may also have pain and or soreness around the incision sites. The incision sites may also be pinkish or red in color. You may also experience numbness in the nipple area, which usually resolves in a matter of two or more weeks. You will be advised to sleep on your back or side and may need to take pain medications for a few days, which your doctor will prescribe. Your doctor will also advise you as to when you can resume your normal activities.

You may also require small tubes to help drain away fluid. Your doctor will advise you about this and provide instructions about removing the drains (typically within a few days following the procedure), stiches and or bandages. (Some stiches dissolve on their own; others require removal.)

Consultation for a Breast Lift

Finding a qualified surgeon to perform your breast lift is critical. Before undergoing a breast lift in Miami FL, you will need an in-depth personal consultation. Your consultation will include a physical exam and a detailed medical history. You may also be asked to undergo testing such as a mammogram or blood tests. Your surgeon will answer all your questions and explain the procedure to you during your consultation.

We are experts in Breast Lift Procedures

At the Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami, we perform breast procedures of all kinds. Our board certified plastic surgeons have the advanced training and skills to recommend the right procedure for your needs. Our surgeons can give you the shape, lift and breast projection that will enhance your figure and help you look and feel your best. Get the lovely full and firm breasts you have always dreamed of with the leading breast experts in the Miami Fl, and Coral Gables Fl, area. Please call 305-446-7700 to schedule your personalized consultation today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your doctor will provide you with any information you need to make an informed decision regarding your breast lift care. In addition, we have compiled a list some of the more commonly asked questions below.

 A breast lift usually requires about two to three hours to complete. In most cases, you can expect to be sent home on the same day.

While your breasts are likely to be covered in gauze, and have a certain amount of swelling and bruising, you should notice immediate changes in the way your breasts look. They will be higher and firmer, and you should notice improvements in the overall shape of your breasts over the next few months.

Yes. You will need a surgical support bra to help reduce swelling and decrease any pressure on your incisions. You will be advised as to how long you should wear the surgical support bra.

A breast lift can be performed in a surgical office facility or an ambulatory surgical center. It can also be performed in a hospital setting if required.

The exact locations of the incisions will be determined by your surgeon. The surgeon might make an incision around the nipple (in the areolae), horizontally (where they will be hidden under the breast creases), or extend the incision vertically and downward from the nipple area to your breast creases.

General anesthesia is typically used during a breast lift. General anesthesia renders you unconscious during the procedure to ensure your comfort.

Healing varies from patient to patient; however, you should be healed within six weeks. Your healing may also take longer if you had an additional procedure such as a  breast augmentation  or a breast reduction at the same time.

As with any surgery, you should look for a board-certified surgeon who has the specialized training and skills to properly perform your breast lift procedure. Just because a doctor can legally perform a surgery, does not mean they should, or that they have the experience and knowledge to do so.

Yes. A board-certified surgeon must complete extensive additional training and pass rigorous exams before they are recognized as board certified surgeons. Always check the credentials of a surgeon to make sure they are experts in all forms of breast surgery.

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