Breast Reduction

A breast reduction procedure, also called reduction mammaplasty, is a surgical procedure that removes excess fatty and glandular tissues from the breasts. For many women, overly large breasts can cause problems like chronic back and neck pain, difficulty exercising, and psychological discomfort. If you feel that your breasts are affecting your quality of life, a breast reduction can help you achieve a breast size that is more comfortable and flattering for your body size and shape. The Plastic Surgery Institute of Miami provides superior plastic surgery services including breast reduction procedures for patients in the Coral Gables and Miami, FL areas. 

Reasons to Choose Breast Reduction 

The truth is that overly large breasts (a condition known as macromastia), can cause emotional distress and real physical pain. If your breasts are overly large or drooping, you may feel like everyone notices them when they meet you. Disproportionally large breasts can make you look heavier, which can lead to depression or self-consciousness. You may also have trouble finding clothes that fit or suffer from skin irritation under your breasts, or indentions caused by your bra straps. You may suffer from neck or back pain or other discomforts, especially when exercising. Breast reduction can provide permanent relief from these issues and help patients improve their quality of life. 

According to The American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), over 112,000 breast reductions are performed in the United States every year. It should be noted that even though breast reductions are frequently performed to alleviate a medical condition, you do not have to have a related medical issue to undergo a breast reduction in Miami Florida. If you feel that your breasts are too large or are causing you emotional distress, or you simply want a more proportional breast size, a breast reduction may be the ideal solution for you. Overly large breasts can cause emotional distress and real physical pain.

Benefits of Getting a Breast Reduction

By reducing and reshaping the breasts, many patients find that they can live more satisfying lives, often engaging in activities that may have been uncomfortable before because of overly large breasts. When performed by an expert plastic surgeon, a breast reduction can help to provide relief from heavy breasts that may have placed a strain on your neck and back. The benefits of a breast reduction may also include:

  • Firmer, more youthful breasts that are more proportional to your body size and shape
  • An appearance of having lost weight because clothing can hang better on your frame
  • Reduced stretch marks and sagging of your breasts as you age

How is a Breast Reduction Performed?

Prior to the surgery, general anesthesia will be administered. The incision sites for breast reduction can vary, depending on what the surgeon feels is right for you. Some incision options include a “keyhole” approach which uses an incision around the areola (the darker pigmented area around the nipple), with a vertical incision that moves downwards towards the breast crease. Your surgeon may also employ an incision that moves around the nipple area in a circular pattern. Other common incision sites include an inverted “T” shape, or an incision that is shaped somewhat like an anchor. Regardless of the approach your surgeon chooses to use during your breast reduction, he or she will proceed to remove any excess glandular tissue, fat, and skin as needed to create your ideally sized breasts. The exact surgical method can also vary depending on your specific needs, your breast tissue composition, the amount of tissue that needs to be removed to create your new cup size, and the knowledge and skills of the surgeon performing your breast reduction. In many cases, the surgeon may use more than one approach, such as adding liposuction to remove unwanted tissues.

Once the surgeon is satisfied that breasts are reshaped to meet your breast size goals, they will close the incision. This may require using stitches, surgical tape, or surgical skin adhesives. You may also have surgical bandages and or drainage tubes to help drain off excess fluid.

“If I could rate Dr. Ghersi a 10 I would – he is a great surgeon and takes pride in his work. I was referred to the Coral Gables Cosmetic Surgery Center by a friend who had both procedures at the center.” – Real Patient

Recovery From Breast Reduction

For recovery following a breast reduction, your doctor may require you to wear a surgical support bra. Incisions will be closed and covered with stiches, surgical tape and/or bandages to protect them and aid in healing. You may also require small tubes placed inside the incision area to help drain away excess fluid.

Your doctor will provide you specific instructions regarding what activities are permissible, how to use any medications you are prescribed, how to perform dressing changes safely, when and if stitches will need to be removed, follow up care, and how to sleep so that it does not interfere with your healing. You will need to postpone exercise and other vigorous activities for several weeks, and should allow a week or two before returning to work or other obligations.

Consultation for Breast Reduction

Before undergoing a breast reduction procedure in Miami, FL, you will need to consult with one of our expert surgeons. During your consultation, the surgeon will answer all your questions, provide you with information about the procedure, and discuss your goals and candidacy. You should expect a full examination, as well as pre-operative tests such as a mammogram or X-Rays, and any required blood work. Your surgeon will also want to discuss your medical history prior to surgery.

We Are Experts in Breast Reduction Procedures

At the Plastic Surgery Institute, each of our highly skilled surgeons is board certified. With hundreds of breast surgeries under their belt, they have the skills, surgical experience and extensive knowledge required to help you achieve the lovely, symmetrical, ideally sized breasts for your frame and size goals. Get the relief and beautiful breasts you have always dreamed of with our surgical breast experts in the Miami Fl, and Coral Gables Fl, area. Please call 305-446-7700 to schedule your personalized consultation today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Breast reduction procedures are considered overall to be both safe and effective, however any form of surgery can result in complications, and has a certain amount of associated risk. Uncommon risks can include infection, poor healing, unfavorable scarring, loss of breast or nipple sensation (temporary in some cases), firmness, bleeding, or poor aesthetic results. Your surgeon will discuss all the risks of a breast reduction prior to the procedure. You will also be provided with complete instructions regarding your after-care, as well as any signs or symptoms to watch out for.

The time required to perform a breast reduction procedure will vary according to the exact techniques used and the specific needs of each patient. On average, a breast reduction surgery requires two to five hours (or more) to complete.

You should have noticeable, even dramatically reduced breasts immediately following the procedure. Although you will likely have some swelling (which may be significant) for several days to weeks after your surgery, this will subside gradually until the final results appear.

A breast reduction procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis at a surgical center or hospital.

The exact location of the incision will vary, depending on which technique the surgeon feels is appropriate for you. Any scarring is usually hidden under natural body creases such as the underside of the breast, or in the darker nipple area where it is less noticeable.

A breast reduction procedure may require intravenous (IV) sedation, general anesthesia, or local anesthesia. Your surgeon will use the best form of anesthesia to ensure your comfort during the procedure. How long does it take to heal after a breast reduction procedure? Because everyone heals at a different rate, patients may take from two to six weeks (or longer) to heal from the procedure. Most patients can return to an adjusted workload within one week. You may be asked to refrain from exercise and some other activities for three to four weeks after your procedure.

Your surgeon should be both experienced and knowledgeable in all areas of breast care. Just because a physician can legally perform a given procedure does not mean they have the skills to do so.

Yes. You should always look for a board-certified surgeon. To become board certified, a surgeon must complete rigorous training and extensive testing. Board certified surgeons have the credentials, training and experience to perform in their area of specialty.

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